“Courage is Fear Holding on a Minute Longer”

Today’s Workout: 7.25 muggy, rainy but fun miles on the trails with friends

5 Days Until Race Day!!

Nerves have not set in just yet only because I’ve been keeping busy. Last week our youngest bit through his lip during a dental visit and that has been consuming our time, night & day. The little man is toughing it out but it’s been full of visits to the dentist (luckily he is a neighbor!), multiple night time wake ups, and spoon feedings. The predicted healing time is two to three weeks. I wanted to share a picture of his fat lip but he is too embarrassed so I am respecting his 5 year old privacy. 😉 You wouldn’t think a busted lip would be so much trouble….IT IS. Maybe this is a good time for me to skip town and leave this up to the Mr.? ha ha.

Friday morning I leave for Minneapolis. A great group of friends and I try to plan one or two races a year that we can all run together and Twin Cities is it this year. The boys of the group are all much faster than me so knowing they are ahead of me and focusing on chasing always eases my nerves a bit. Just having those familiar faces helps tremendously. I cannot wait!!!

This past Saturday I jumped in the Neptune Festival 8K here at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. I ran it last year the week before the Chicago Marathon so I wanted to run the same course again to gauge my fitness before Twin Cities. The goal was to beat my last years time and I did just that! I won 1st place Female and I think I was 5th Overall with my time of 29:15. I beat the time I ran last year by 23 seconds!! I am very pleased with that especially since the weather was miserable and my shoes were soaked with rain. A friend wiped out on a slippery puddle in front of me at the first turn around and I was a bit hesitant after that. I didn’t want to break an ankle 7 days before my marathon! No race photo is complete without my mouth wide open!

The race director put on a great after party and even with the constant rain everyone had a great time! There was pizza, fancy muffins (as opposed to boring muffins), fruit, chocolate milk, juice, soda pop, etc. I was loving the food! I also loved that we all were able to meet an Olympic Gold medalist, Francena McCorory. She wore her gold medal and it was gorgeous!! She posed with me in the picture below as I was given my award and was super sweet when answering questions from the crowd. When asked for advice she downplayed herself. Obviously she works VERY hard to succeed so I loved how humble she was about it. If I was her I believe I would be wearing that medal 24/7.

Yesterday was my last trigger point therapy session. I went in there completely pain free thinking maybe it would be a waste but Denise found some tender spots that made me cringe. Muffled crying was echoing in the room. I walked out of there with a full range of motion in my hips. Afterwards I made my last pre-race trip to Running, Etc. for my race day supplies. As always they have been so supportive of me. I’m all set!!

The owner of Running, Etc. emailed me some words of encouragement and with my iphone I screen shot a picture of it to save. It took 1/2 a second and now every email & text about Twin Cities I receive from friends and family I have done the same with. I plan on scrolling through them all again race morning. I’m such a nerd but I really appreciate them so much! It was such a simple and quick idea that I thought I had to share it. If you have an iphone just hold down the circle button and the on/off button at the same time. It will take a picture of whatever is on the screen and automatically save it to your photo gallery. It’s much faster than going through your email inbox.

Have a great week everyone! If you have any advice for me about the Twin Cities Marathon course I would greatly appreciate it. I have already been warned that the last 5 miles are an uphill battle so you can’t scare me there!


34 thoughts on ““Courage is Fear Holding on a Minute Longer”

  1. You will do awesome, Kris! I cannot wait to see you and give you a big ol’ hug. I apologize in advance for all the nerves I will feel on race morning 🙂 And I’ll try to be a good roommate! Everyone says that TCM’s course is beautiful, so take it all in. You’ve worked SO HARD and you will reap the rewards come race day. Sub 2:50, here you come!


    • Are you kidding? I will probably be an annoying, nervous mess on race morning. No apologies allowed. I cannot wait to see you!!!!!!!! We are going to have so much fun even if we are missing Ritz in Chicago 😉


  2. Good Luck Kris, I didn’t know that the twin cities, I am assuming Minnesota? had hills… it is all relative, my daughter was told there were hills on the Arizona marathon course…she laughed, being from New Hampshire…you will rock them!! And congrats on the 8K, too!


  3. Congrats to you on the 8k! That is awesome and what a confidence builder right before Twin Cities. You are going to have a fantastic day there, I am sure.

    I always travel to races (marathons especially) with my friends. It makes the entire experience that much better.


  4. Wishing you the best race of 2012 (not of your life bc we want faster races next year, right?)!!!! I plan on writing down some mantra’s on my hand for NYC jic the going gets tough and I need to pick myself up. I know a lot of athletes do that on water bottles… so I guess my palm will do, or arm!


  5. Congrats on your 8K and good luck with your marathon! I will be running a 10 mile long run that day, my last long run before my Oct. 13 half… so I will think about you and I can’t wait to read about it. It’s so neat that you have other running friends and you do a trip together around a race! I hope I can do that one day. Hope your little boy’s lip gets better soon too!


  6. I live in Minneapolis and have run the 10 Mile the last couple of years – I wouldn’t say the last 5 miles are really uphill. A slight upgrade, maybe, but then a big downhill the last half mile or so. The weather looks perfect for Sunday so you should be all set.

    I’ve never commented before but I enjoy your blog – I think you’re a little faster than me so your workouts are inspiring without being demoralizing! I’m running CIM in December.

    Good luck and “see” you in MSP!


  7. Wishing you all the best! Can I hear a sub 2:50?! YES I CAN! Very interested as to the fueling supplies you picked up. If you have a spare 5 mins (ha!) I’d love to hear how you fuel up on the actual day, both before and during the marathon. Go get it!


    • No problem! I’m not a nutritional expert at all but here is what I do. Two days prior I avoid dairy and vegetables/fruit/anything too fibrous so my stomach is not overwhelmed race morning. I wake up very early race morning and immediately drink water and Hammer PerPetuem ( a mix you can buy at most running stores) up until an hour before the marathon, not closer than that. I also drink 2 cups of coffee. If you are not used to coffee daily do NOT do this. My body loves it. It wakes me up and (tmi) clears things out, lol. I also eat two Clif Kid Z-Bars. Some people prefer bagels but I only like my bagels toasted and smothered in butter…not an option in my hotel room, lol. The Kid Clif Z-bars are mainly oats and sugar…which means energy to burn for the long haul. So before the race I will have a little over 500 calories.

      During the race I try to take a few sips of alternating Gatorade and Water at EVERY fuel station. I have done the more, less often approach and it doesn’t sit well for me. I will also take 3 gels ( I like Peanut Butter Gu and Vanilla Orange Carb-boom) during the marathon every 40 minutes. I save a caffeinated one as my last gel. Sometimes the caffeine can upset stomachs if taken too early so I do not like to risk that.

      Sorry I didn’t mean to type a novel. Hope that helps!!


  8. Ah! I am so excited for you! I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now and it has been so wonderful reading about your incredible training cycle! I’m training for my first marathon and seeing how hard you work (and how much you love it!) is so inspiring. You’re going to be great out there!!


  9. Can’t wait to meet you this weekend, Kris! I love your iPhone screenshot idea–I never thought to use it like that. Consider it done! Rest easy this week because you’re going to CRUSH the course (even if there is a bit of an incline at mile 20-22 :))


  10. Great job on the 8k and I’m so excited to hear about you kicking-butt in the TCM! btw, your “mouth wide open” pic is nothing. I have some race photos that show I could fit someone’s entire head in my gaping, panting mouth…


  11. You are sooooo ready for a big PR!!! just run and love it! 🙂
    your training has been so great I know you won’t even notice that last little hill (it might be big, but tell your mind it’s little!!) 🙂 and that it will feel like a nice change-up for your legs! plus you will be in pain those last 5-miles anyway, might as well make it hurt a tiny bit more! I’m cheering for you!!!!!! GOOD LUCK! have a blast! 🙂


  12. Great work on the 8k, Kris! You are SO READY! I can’t wait to see (hear about, I won’t be there) you crush your goal! I haven’t run TCM, but I know lots of people who have had huge PRs there and I’ve heard only positive things about the race and course. So excited for you!


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