Coming in (to taper) Hot

Today’s Workout: 9 miles spent running through the trails with a good friend. I think we discussed running for all of 30 seconds. Then we talked about the work, internet, men, dogs, and kids in our life, the way a real run should be spent. It’s like free therapy!

Above is how my training week played out. The mileage is a bit high for someone running a marathon in 14 days hence my coming in hot title. Everyone seems to have an opinion on my training cycle lately but I have faith in my system and my short taper. It’s worked well for me in the past. I’ve done the 3 week taper thing before and all it does is make me feel antsy, bored, and bloated. Not the combo I enjoy.

Every “fast” workout this week was just about hitting home to my body marathon pace. I want to drill that pace into my legs & mind. Tuesday was one of those workouts run purposely slightly fast than MP so that race day will feel comfortable. I did this run alone around my neighborhood. I have a shaded 3 mile loop with no stop lights and there happen to be a construction crew at mile 2 that I had to run by them 3 times. Do you know how awkward that is?!? It was awkward but I sure as heck hit all my paces because they made their comments. If you are one of those women who claim to hate constructions dudes cat calling you then good for you. I don’t care who you are, if you tell me I look good then we are friends for-evah! 😉 Sooooo that workout went by nicely and my self esteem was loving life. lol.

Sunday morning I met a friend at the park whose easy run pace happens to be my marathon pace. I know, I am jealous too!! He is so fast! I got in a great marathon pace run and he chatted to me the whole time which kept the run relaxed and fun. It was over before I even realized we ran so quickly.

My favorite running related thing of the week though is this post-it. How cute! My 7 year old daughter and I like to write notes for each other and this one is a keeper for sure. I may have to tuck it in my bag for a Twin Cities motivator. I am waiting for the note that says I am a great cook. I may be waiting awhile on that one.

Anyone want to explain Pinterest to me? We talked about it on our run today and I decided all it was is a personal collage of things I’ll never cook, shoes I’ll never buy, and TV shows I’m obsessed with. What do you pin? I do like the idea of pinning books I would like to read. Do you keep it private or have followers? I just don’t get it yet but I see the possibility of liking it in the future.

What workouts have you done and loved lately? Tapering yet?

Have a great week everyone!


28 thoughts on “Coming in (to taper) Hot

  1. I’m no expert by any means, but I think everyone trains differently and you know what’s best for you… until it doesn’t work out then you can switch it up. But to trust your past experience is smart.

    I’m with you on the hoots and hollers! It actually always makes me laugh or smile and doens’t bother me one bit.

    I don’t use pinterst, have an acct but seems like exactly what you stated, and just another time sucker I do not need. Have enough of those.

    THAT NOTE IS THE CUTEST THING EVER! defintiely think you should take it with you bc it will make you smile big before you race!!


  2. That is pretty much what Pinterest is. I have done a few things but not very many. Honestly the few recipes I tried to do from there didn’t turn out that great. A lot of times I just use it to find cool images to use in blog posts or post on facebook to motivate my coworkers who are doing an exercise program. I don’t really use it to actually… do stuff… haha.

    The workouts on there are what’s really funny… I bet even fewer people do those!


  3. I hate three week tapers as well. Too long. I am running a marathon the same day as Twin Cities, so I am two weeks out as well.
    As far as Pinterest goes, I do visit about once a week — it’s great for motivation or for recipe ideas.
    Good luck resting up.
    How many miles will you run this week???


  4. I am jealous of how much mileage you are able to handle! I’m shooting for a peak of 75 miles…but probably only 3 weeks of that! I hope each season to add on 5 more. I usually do a two week taper, my last 20 miler three weeks out from the marathon, and the week before the race i take it really easy.


  5. Great week! I like a two-week taper too. It has worked very well for me in the past (not counting this weekend which was a total disaster). Too funny about the construction crew. I am sure they enjoyed it! Great job and I can’t wait to see how amazing you do in your upcoming marathon. 🙂


  6. I think that was a perfect description of Pinterest! I have an account but hardly ever use it. I know some friends that are completely addicted to it. I guess I can see how it would be addicting and I certainly don’t need anything else that takes up my time…so I’m sort of glad I don’t really understand it too well. 🙂

    Love your comments about the construction workers. When that happens to me, I always casually mention it to my husband and act annoyed about the whole thing even though I secretly enjoy it. Just have to keep him on his toes. Ha!

    Congrats on a great week of training!


    • Yes!! I do the same thing with my husband. “Oh these construction workers would not stop whistling at me….so annoying!” (insert sarcastic eye roll) lol. You would be so much fun to talk to on a trail run 🙂


  7. I love your daughter’s note. So sweet! I’m always five years behind on anything, so my Pinterest account is mostly unused. But I do like it for holding recipes I want to try. So far that is one recipe!


  8. I hear you on the taper, I have only done one marathon and therefore one taper but it was AWFUL. I had less than no idea what I was supposed to be doing so just listened to a few friends and stopped running as much :s I felt like I was going cold turkey! I felt so fat and SLOW in a matter of days! Marathon number 2 isn’t until January and I haven’t discussed a taper with my coach yet but I know it will be 2 weeks at most!
    Whilst living in Oz every man and his dog would wolf whistle (and I didn’t take running up until I got here, this was out walking pushing the pram whilst pregnant!) I am now either to gross to EVER be whistled at or men are far more respectful here in Houston (boo!) ;D I’m not adverse to a bit of an ego boost……anyone…..? sigh. Good luck for the marathon, excited to hear how it goes!


  9. Different things work for different people. Others shouldn’t criticize your approach because they don’t think it would work for them. Pinterest- I keep trying to get into it, but I never can.


    • I told myself this is the first training cycle where I have put myself out there and blogged it all so I should have been prepared for a bit of criticism. I just have to take it and turn it into something positive. Easier said than done!


  10. I too never got into “pinning.” It was my goal for the summer, but alas, summer is over! If I ever get engaged, I’d start a board of wedding ideas, but I think it would be funny to start that now, no?


  11. Awww I live the post it! Too sweet!
    I’m not much of a taper-er either, actually I’m not sure what I am, all 3 of my previous marathons haven’t followed a training plan so I’ve always winged it! And my PR marathon was ran 24-hours after finding out I would be running it, and 4-weeks after running the NYC-marathon…hehe random! I think the marathon is all in your head, so whatever you believe makes you feel best leading up to a marathon is what you should do. My focus is CIM in I’m still not even sure what I’m going to do next week before Chicago! 🙂
    I cannot wait to hear how well Twin Cities goes for you!!! I know you are ready for a crazy speedy finish! And I will be cheering for you (while simultaneously running!)


  12. I don’t want to have a pinterest.. but I google “Pinterest” and then any other word “crafts, motivation, fitness, low carb… anything!” and I go explore.. it’s actually really cool.. try it.. =)


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