T-3 Weeks Until the Twin Cities Marathon

One of the reasons I put off starting a blog for so long was because I was afraid of negative feedback, rude anonymous comments, etc. I was especially leery of “www.GetOffMyInternets.net” Have you seen this website? It is dedicated to discussing blogs people hate. It’s actually pretty humorous but the ruthlessness was enough to make me squirm a bit every time I thought about clicking the “publish” button on WordPress. Turns out I had nothing to worry about. Someone DID mention me on the site last week and guess what? CLICK here to see
My site is so boring no one even bothered to comment or say anything mean. Yay!

Crisis averted.

Did everyone have a great weekend? Friday night we went to a new restaurant in Virginia Beach with friends called Thirty 7 North Highly recommended. This may turn off many of my readers but when I start running high mileage I become a ravenous carnivore. All I crave is meat so I practically swallowed the flank steak whole before the server could place it on the table.

Saturday morning I met Renee and Courtney for a 20 miler. The first 10 miles I just felt so blah (steak belly perhaps?!?) as we sped along around 7:10-30ish pace then on the turnaround we made a quick water/Gu stop before starting intervals for the final 10 miles. My IT band has still been feeling sloppy so my spirit was feeling a bit overwhelmed but I held on one mile at a time. I tried not to pay attention to how long or how fast our intervals were going to be and instead just tried to work on form and staying strong and smooth. I’m guessing we ended up running 5 total miles of those last 10 at low 6 minute pace if we added up all the intervals. Renee was amazing. Not only did she kill the workout (finishing each interval ahead of me) but she said to me before we were about to do our last 8 minute interval at low 6 pace “I know you can do this!” It was such a little thing that really helped me. Courtney did great too. She is not in marathon training right now so she dropped off around 17ish. I was so grateful she ran with us and kept us chatting for so long! Overall we destroyed the workout.

Sunday I ended the week with an easy paced 10 miles to make 100 total miles for the week. I had 3 “hard” workout days and the rest of the mileage was all at a relaxed pace. The hard days were Tuesday (5 mile at half pace with 4 x 200 meters afterwards), Thursday- 8 miles at 6:26 pace, and Saturday (long run with intervals). I have to be honest…I am relieved to be done with 3 weeks of 100 milers. I loved it but I am ready to begin cutting back. I am debating between a slow 3 week taper or my traditional aggressive 10 day taper. Usually I’d say the 10 day but I’ve never had this high of mileage before, so maybe I need more rest? Opinions are always welcome.

I won’t lie, there was a dark cloud hanging over us all weekend. My Father in Law is the Police Chief at the Plymouth Township Police Department and last week they lost one of their Officers. His name is Bradley Fox. I wish I was a better writer and could express my opinion eloquently but all I can type is that the idea of this man being taken from his pregnant wife and child at such a young age breaks my heart. As a wife and mother I cannot even begin to imagine how they feel.There are some terrible people in this world and I’m always grateful for the ones who protect us. I ran 100 miles last week, 80 of those were alone. Why did I feel like a 5’3″, 108 pound girl could run alone on the roads for that long somewhat safely? Because there are Men and Women who Sacrifice every Single Day to Protect Us. Hug your loved ones extra tight and be Grateful for that Sacrifice.

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19 thoughts on “T-3 Weeks Until the Twin Cities Marathon

  1. Keep doing the blog for sure. You are an inspiration especially when I am running 30-45 miles in a week, I say Jesus Christ I know someone running twice that get your butt in gear.


  2. What an awful story about Officer Fox. I can’t imagine what his family must be going through right now. I read the article about him and it sounds like not only was he a police officer but also a former marine who had served in overseas tours. Sounds like he spent his life protecting people.


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  3. Always tugs at the heart strings a bit when someone whose duty is to protect us is taken prematurely by a selfish ass.

    After 3 100 mile weeks, I would say take the slow taper. Your body might freak out if you drastically go from 100 to 50. Besides, all that fitness keeps a hell of a lot longer than we think. You are going to crush that marathon and race like the serious mother runner you are!

    And gomi, I say if you hate someone that’s your choice. No harm done. Can’t expect everyone to like you, an only pompous asses make premature uninformed designs about those that they don’t actually know. Just keep being you, that’s all you can do!


  4. Nice post Kris & don’t stop posting its food for my soul! I can’t believe Twin Cities is just three weeks away! You are sooooo going to rock it! Just try not to go crazy during taper ha! 🙂


  5. That’s really sad about Officer Fox.

    I went to that Get Off the Internet Site… I’m probably not on there considering I’m more of a personal blogger, but it’s kinda sad how some people were super obsessed with putting down a blog… I mean, just quit reading if you don’t like the content?

    Way to go on your 20 miler :). I love having people to run with too, some of my friends did 20 the other day and I did 10 but it was a lot of fun :). Maybe I should throw some intervals in there too…


  6. Your blog is obviously not boring….I practically drool reading about your workout recaps, they sound so exciting and bombastic. That 20 miler sounds intensely awesome and hard, you are so ready for your marathon!

    The bay area lost an officer recently too during a routine pull-over. It shakes me up. I really, really love / respect /want to reward every police officer. My city is notorious for its “eff the police” attitude, which is insane on so many levels. So sad to hear about Officer Fox.


  7. I am so sorry about Officer Fox. What a senseless tragedy. My heart goes out to his family.
    You are amazing with three weeks of 100 miles! Always jaw dropping and inspiring to read your workouts! xoxo


  8. So sorry about the officer. I appreciate all the officers who are willing to stand up for what is right.

    And I just discovered GOMI (where have I been?), and it really put fear in me. Like the “oh crap, I just did that exact same thing that they are sacrificing this person over” kind of fear. Luckily, no one has ever heard of my blog, so I don’t think I’ll have to worry about landing on gomi anytime soon.


  9. You’re blog isn’t boring! Fast people are never boring 😉
    But is it terrible that I clicked over and then just about died laughing at some of the comments on various blogs? Some of them were just too, too right on. Oh well, i’m only half cruel if I’m just reading, not commenting, right?
    So sad to hear of an officer’s death. He and his family are in my prayers.


  10. That GOMI thing is just a waste of my time. It’s nothing but negativity and there is no room for negativity in my life! Your blog is awesome, and anyone who would say differently is just uninformed. :p

    Congrats on your awesome week! I love reading your posts because they make me energized to do more. Right now, my max is 7 miles, but I just started running in April, so I’m okay with that. 🙂

    The officer’s story breaks my heart. 😦 My husband is also a public servant (EMS) for a large city, and I worry about him every day, but especially when I read stories like the one you linked. My prayers are with his family.

    Keep up the great blog!!


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