Today’s Workout: 14 Miles with middle 8 at 6:25 pace.

The weather has cooled off here so my marathon pace run felt awesome. I averaged 3 seconds per mile faster than planned which is no biggie. It was a little windy on the way back so I overcompensated on the latter miles. The first two miles were 6:31 and 6:30 so I ended it well. It retrospect I wish I had ran 10 miles instead of 8 but aren’t we always doing that? I run the planned workout then think…I should have done more!  This should be my last week averaging 100 miles. Next week will be another high mileage week but not quite so high then the taper begins. I am so excited!

Tuesday I saw a local Injury/Preventative Maintenance Therapist for some Trigger Point Massage Therapy. Her name is Denise Roberts and MANY local endurance athletes see her. She is a bit of a massage genius! This was my first time and I was warned that it would hurt. My It band has been a bit of a mess for the last two weeks so honestly I was up for anything.. I can run through it but usually I have to do a very long warm up before it loosens up. So Tuesday I laid on her table and let her poke and prod me while I whimpered for two hours, lol.  She was awesome. She says the Moms can handle the pain the best and the big tough guys always end up crying like babies. No offense to my big tough guy readers but, I LOVE that! 

That Tuesday night my legs felt AWFUL. The next morning I started getting paranoid because my hips were throbbing. Now today I feel like GOLD just as she said I would 🙂 I ran without any IT band today for the first time in two weeks and have promised her I will keep up with the stretching and rolling. I’m also going to get in to see her once more before Twin Cities.

The real reason I posted….I want to know who signed up or will be signing up for BOSTON?!? Let me know if you did. If you have run in the past, let me know did you LOVE it? Keeping my fingers crossed all my friends who want in can get in. I thought for sure when I signed up to run two years ago that I would be a one and done girl but I had SO much fun there that I’ve been dying to go back, so I did sign up on Monday.

Have you had Trigger Point Massage before? ART? Deep Tissue?

I won’t be posting tomorrow so have a great weekend everyone!


23 thoughts on “Boston?

  1. Just had some ART this week on my posterior tibial tendon. Yep, it hurts like a mother! And I also think it takes a day or two to recover from, then you’re usually good to go.

    Not signing up this year. I went this past spring and like to do it every few years. Such a great experience but also a very involved, expensive one!


    • Art sounds so hardcore. That and Graston scare the bejesus out of me 😉

      Yea, the expense of Boston is why I usually skip it. With my husband’s schedule though this may be my last chance to run for a few years so I have to grab it.


  2. Kris, your training sounds like it’s going great! I think it’s good to finish a workout feeling you could do more, except for track workouts…ha ha.

    I just had my calf dry needled and I’ll tell ya, that really hurt but I’ve never had pain as bad as when I’ve had my IT band worked on. That is just a nasty band of…tissue…whatever it is, and it ALWAYS hurts no matter what!

    I’m signed up for Boston because I deferred from last year. 😉 Also hoping those who have qualifying times can get in. Heard that about 2300 had signed up for Boston in first 24 hrs, compared to 3800 last year, so seems like stricter qualifying times are working…


  3. I am not running Boston this year (maybe in 2014) but I have run it in the past and it is every bit of awesomeness that you can imagine! I remember thinking “I’m sure this will be good and everything but it can’t be as great as everyone says”. Well, I was wrong and all the hype is true! The crowds, the course, the history, all fantastic!!!


  4. Glad to hear that the therapy helped you! I need to get to my chiropractor to get myself fixed up. Aren’t cooler temps the best!! They make us so speedy! The cooler temps have even been making down to Florida so morning runs have been pure SWEETNESS!! You have an awesome weekend too!

    Run Happy! 🙂


  5. I’m hoping to run Boston this year…registering tomorrow so just keeping my fingers crossed that I get in! It will be interesting to see where the cutoff ends up.

    Ha! I feel the same way when I have a good workout and finish feeling like I could do more. I think runners are so programmed to thin that way that I apply it to other things in life, too. I took a hot yoga class this morning and was disappointed afterwards that it wasn’t “hard enough”! 🙂


  6. I wish I was registering for Boston. I haven’t qualified yet! haha. But I do live in Boston (YAY for shore duty!) and we live near mile 22-ish. We went out and cheered for hours this spring, it was really awesome! I think it must be somewhat similar to Chicago, in that there are cheering crowds the entire way.

    If you need anything here in the spring let me know! I’ll definitely be out there cheering for you!


  7. Glad your training is going well! Sounds like you’re killing it out there. I always think I should have done more too, after a good hard workout, but more is not always more in these matters.

    I’ve had a similar experience to yours after using my foam roller pretty aggressively on a muscle knot in my calf. It hurt SO MUCH afterwards that I was sure I’d done permanent damage, but the next day everything was peachy.


  8. I have run Boston before, and it was the worst weather they’d ever had (in 2007, when a Nor’easter came through)…I didn’t have much fun, but I also didn’t wear the correct clothing, so I had terrible chafing issues going on. I’d take the rain and wind over heat any day, though.


  9. You are awesome. Love your training updates. You definitely inspire me. 🙂 I am in for Boston 2013. I ran it this year and it was an incredible but that heat SUCKED (I am, admittedly, a total heat wimp). So the weather Gods owe me. 🙂 Would love to meet you!


  10. I skipped Boston this year since I’m injured and expect this year to be just slow comeback. I’ll go back another year I guess. I would love to try a deep tissue massage (sounds wonderful for a tough training week!) and right now I’m seriously considering ART for whatever is ailing my adductor tendons and general pelvic region. It’s annoying.


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