Payback for Last Week’s Suffer-Fest

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I went up to Philadelphia for my younger sisters engagement party. It turned out to be monsoon season so no great pictures but everyone had a wonderful time and I could not be happier for the gorgeous couple. Rain on your engagement party day is good luck, am I right? She may kill me for including the following picture of her and I but I think it’s hysterical. If you can guess what I am then you win. I’m guessing I was a polar bear?!?

While I’m in Pennsylvania I always jump at the chance to race. I grew up there and that is where my love of running began so it’s pure fun for me. I chose the Run For Green Valley 10K and am so glad I did. The weather was a little windy but otherwise perfectly fine with just a bit of end of summer humidity. The course was an extremely hilly loop through Pennsylvania farm land.

Once I warmed up and saw the hills I was actually really excited. I threw any ideas of pace out the window and stood on the starting line with a smile on my face knowing the only goal was to W..I..N. The 5K and the 10K started together and did not go their separate ways until the 1 mile mark so I purposely went out slow and kept my eyes on the girls and guys in front of me. I had no way on knowing who was running which race and as it turns out my knowing/counting ended up making a difference later at the awards ceremony. At the split point there were only two girls left in front of me and one took a left with the 5Kers and one took a right with the 10Kers. The 10K girl was FLYING. She was an adorable skinny thing all decked out in lululemon. She was about 200 feet in front of me and I could not catch her! Every time we went up a monster hill I would gain 10 feet on her then we would sprint down a hill and she should gain 20 on me. I am TERRIBLE at down hills. Always have been. I brake too much because deep down I fear a nasty face plant. Plus downhills make my knees ache. Every time we make a sharp turn she would bolt ahead more. I was not scared though, I was patient and finally caught her on a half mile hill at mile 3.25. The hill was windy and seemed to last forever. I put my head down and dug deep. For running nothing but the flatlands of Virginia Beach all summer long I think I held my own pretty well.

The last mile was all up hill but one of the bike leads gave me a mental boost and told me I was gaining on the 1st place man Β (the results are mixed up if you clicked on the link). I think the bike guy was lying to me to make me feel better but it worked πŸ˜‰ I picked up the pace but couldn’t catch up to the guy. He finished about 2 minute in front of me. I finished in 39:03 at a 6:18 pace which on that course and a 15 mile run the day before, I am pleased with.

After the race I jogged a few more miles for cool down then enjoyed the awesome post race brunch of bagels, fruit, & muffins. The awards ceremony was great because they tried to keep it fast and short. Sadly I was not called out as the Female winner. I felt like a bit of a tool saying “Um…excuse me, but I won!” so I waited until it was all over. Β I can be a bit shy but there was $$ involved so let’s be real, I want my award! Luckily they discovered the 5K and 10K results were mixed up and I was able to collect my award. I was very surprised at how nice it was:

One more thing. I’ve gotten tons of emails/messages about my shoes. I am wearing the new Nike Flyknit collection. The Orange shoes I wear are the Trainers and the yellow are the Racers. They are extremely comfortable and light. They are not narrow like many Nike shoes. If you are in Virginia you can get yours from my favorite store Running Etc. I always appreciate emails and questions so thank you!!

What is your Silliest Halloween Costume??

Do you secretly love hills like I do?

What did you do this past weekend? Fill me in on all your fun πŸ™‚


26 thoughts on “Payback for Last Week’s Suffer-Fest

  1. We have no choice but to love hills out here in Fincastle, VA! I also got payback with a long run Saturday and great track workout Sunday. Although I did not have the guts to finish last weekend like you did. Great job on hanging tough!


  2. I seriously loathe hills. My weekend was low key as I am fighting a cold, but as a result I am super excited to get out there and train today!
    Great job on the 10K! I need to run more of them, my PR is over 2 years old!


  3. Congrats on your victory!! I also ran a 10K race this weekend, but on trails. There was a significant climb in the beginning (about 600+ feet over a mile). It was tough, but there were beautiful views at the top. As someone once said, “The hills pay the bills!”

    We also had a 5K/10K confusion at our race, though to a smaller scale. The original female “winner” was in my age group, but it turned out that she was a 5K runner! So I ended up winning my age group — something that I have never done in a “real” race (I won once before but there were like 4 women in my age group).


  4. Congrats on your win! I ran a 12K this weekend but nowhere near the kind of paces and times you pull. I still came in 2nd in my age group and finished in just over an hour, on a trail course so not bad. There was a lot of confusion at my race too- it happens. But, at least you got your award and way to go for passing the other girl.


  5. Awesome! congrats on a great redemption race!! Sounds like a killer course.

    I am moody when it comes to hills–sometimes I like them, sometimes I don’t! I have plenty around here to train on, though, so I always feel like I can handle them.


  6. Awesome Kris!!! Congrats on a great race. πŸ™‚ I get sick of hills because where I live, a flat run isn’t even possible if I am not on the track or treadmill, but I know they are good for me. πŸ™‚


  7. My burb that I live in is actually quite hilly for IL. I ran it all summer. I say I don’t like hills, but I know in the long run they will pay off. Just waiting for a good time to race soon.


  8. My 4 and 2 year old sat on my lap during my cesnosfion Saturday. I needed cesnosfion and we had some shuffling to do with our 3 children, so I though maybe it would be ok if they joined me in cesnosfion, especially since my cesnosfion was going to be without anything a childs ears shouldnt hear. When we got home my 2 year old told mom that Daddy is Absolbded Also, this retired priest gave a great 1 minute expose on the role of our Blessed Mother as we fight to battle sin. Quite refreshing for the cesnosfional and nice to hear a priest who holds our Lady in such high esteem and honor. Outstanding.


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