Klaw vs. Virginia Beach Rock & Roll Half Marathon…Down Goes KLaw!

So…about that half marathon? The short of it is Rock & Roll won and I lost, two years in a row. I thought I could PR instead I almost ran a personal worst….yikes! We had family and friends in town for the race and woke up at 4:30 to drive to the shuttle buses which would take us to the start. Renee and I warmed up for 2 miles which is typical for us, but I was sweating like crazy & I noticed my heart rate was already high.. At 7 am (start time) it was 80 degrees, 84% humidity, with a dew point at 75….terrible racing conditions. Still it was beautiful and I was stubbornly determined. The starting area was buzzing and when my name was announced I was absolutely taken over with the excitement of it all.

Needless to say I took off like a bat outta hell and loved every little second of it. My first mile was 5:46. I quickly calmed down to a safer pace but by Mile 4 I knew the humidity was getting to me. I reached for my salt tablets and they had dissolved already in my sports bra. My pace felt so difficult. I had been training for a low 6 minute pace but I was struggling to hit 6:30’s! I know that is expected in the heat but at the time I didn’t remember that and let myself get overwhelmed. I made a terrible mistake and should have known better. I took a Gu (already had one right before the start) and drank Gatorade. I let myself think I needed more sugar/energy/whatever. Somewhere around Mile 8 I threw it all up….fun times!

After that I was a complete mess. My stomach was trying to get sick again and again. I NEVER stopped. I had already seen two elites walking and another girl drop out. The humidity and temps were slowing everyone. I know my self enough to know that if I stopped even briefly I wouldn’t be able to get back to any speed. Luckily a guy friend (Mike Wolfe!!) came up behind me and offered some words of encouragement. I couldn’t up my pace that had been deteriorating but it was enough to keep me moving.

Finally we hit the boardwalk and I was never so relieved to be finished a race in my life. That baby HURT! I crossed the finish line and the photographer asked me to show him how I felt. I think he was expecting me to jump and down with an “I did it!” expression…nopes. Here is my best “That was so FRUSTRATING!” face.

About a minute after crossing the finish line I felt even worse than I had during the race. I was dizzy, my stomach was still cramping, and I warned everyone close to me that I needed to find a trashcan. Renee and I quickly got this picture. Look closely because she is literally holding me up and the Mr. is joking to the cameraman “Hurry, she is going to pass out!!” I didn’t think it was funny because another minute later I was doing just that. See picture after this one….

You have to promise to laugh and not get all “OH NO!” on me. Do you think Nike should use me as their next Flyknit spokesmodel? Ha Ha! 😉 I am perfectly fine just super embarrassed that I ended up in the medical tent. I was very dehydrated and once I cooled down I was up and out of there without an issue. It was an awful experience but I can joke about it now. I ended up 13th female and 76th Overall, finishing in 1:29:32. Not at all how I imagined the day would pan out and not even in the same time zone as my goal time but sometimes you just have to roll with the punches.

I hope everyone had a better running weekend than I did. Any races? Any long runs? Rest Days? Have you ever been in the medical tent? What type of rest if any do you take after a half marathon?


33 thoughts on “Klaw vs. Virginia Beach Rock & Roll Half Marathon…Down Goes KLaw!

  1. Wow!! That was some race report!! I ran intervals yesterday in that same kind of humidity and thought I was going to pass out. Now that I read your report, I feel like I really should stop complaining!! I’m so impressed that you made it through and finished. Your attitude is amazing. So is that picture of you at the medical tent. Novice that I am, I didn’t know they even had those at races! 🙂

    I have never run a half marathon, but you inspire me to try one next year!!


  2. Aaahh! Sucks! I just ran my first half and “PR-ed” at 2:17:22. Last time I ran thirteen miles (nine months before) it took me 3:17, so that’s no slouch, I guess. Our race was cool though humid. If I post a picture of me high on wisdom tooth meds, will it make you feel better? It’s even more attractive. 🙂


  3. Oh wow! I’m glad it wasn’t serious and you are fine now! We all have bad race days. Running in heat and high humidity is just miserable! I had a similar experience as RnR Nashville earlier this year. I know I am really, really looking forward to the cooler temps in the coming months. They say training in heat and humidity makes you a much stronger runner – so this means you’ll be virtually invincible, right?? 🙂

    Those shoes look great, though! 🙂


  4. I’m glad that you are OK!! The gosh darn humidity… I hate when Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate with race day. My long run this weekend wasn’t so good either, I didn’t realize it was so humid and didn’t bring anything to drink with me. That was fun.


  5. Wow that’s a crazy race. Glad you survived!
    I went on a long run of 12 miles on Saturday. Fortunately there’s very little heat or humidity to contend with in the Bay Area, and I was also lucky that it was overcast. You should move here!


  6. Eek! I am so glad you’re okay! At least you finished the race even if it wasn’t the greatest time ever (I still think it’s an amazing time…). Sorry you ended up in the medical tent passing out too. I would definitely take the day after a half off, and I will the next time I do one. But knowing me I’ll start training again a few days later, haha! Hope you’re feeling better today!


  7. That sounds intensely miserable. I’ve never raced in the heat, can’t even imagine. I like my 50 degree Norther California morning temps 😉 And yes, I vote for the FlyKnit add, totally evocative of that cult suicide thing in the 90’s where they were all found dead, wearing Nike’s.

    Speaking of which, I am really interested in the FlyKnits (thanks to you) but I haven’t seen them on the shelves at any running stores! What’s the deal? Are they even released yet?


    • Nike slowly released them to some running stores (not sure why not all of them) and at those stores only so many were given to sell. I have had so many people ask me about them that I’m not sure why Nike didn’t just release them to everyone at once. They are different enough from other racing flats to amp up their own hype without limiting sales. Of course, I’m no shoe salesman, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.


  8. You poor thing! How awful. This neck of the woods has been ridiculously humid of late–I can’t ever remember it this bad for this many days in a row. So sorry you had to race in it.

    But I’ve just gotta say–after all that and 1:29 is still your PW? You’re so incredibly talented.


  9. Sorry to hear that you had a rough time at your race! Rock n Roll VB is at a really tough time of year. I know you didnt meet your goal but 1:29 is still pretty dang amazing!

    Going to the medical tent is scary but at least you got help 🙂 I’ve never been but I should have after Shamrock in 2011! Hope you’re feeling much better!


  10. Well it was a crappy weekend for running. Shoulda just sat by the pool with a drink and watched everyone go by on the boardwalk! 😉 Good for you for not walking or quitting. I think that pic of you in the medical tent is awesome – shows just how hard you worked! So I ran on the Appalachian Trail for the first time ever…well, it was more of a run/hike since it was very steep and rocky…and the next day I couldn’t even walk! Ha ha ha ridiculous. Rest up, cool temps are coming…I hope!


  11. I wanted to comment on my phone but I was having technology issues. First, not one person that I chatted with enjoyed this run. It just sounded so hot, humid and painful. Making it through was champion status.

    Second, you should def be a nike flyknit model. Third, that photo with you the flyknits makes you look so badass! LOLZ.

    My weekend was good, had our first cross country meet! 😉


  12. Wow!!! That sounds like my last race experience at Gasparilla to a tee!! You are such a trooper for gutting it out under the those conditions. I can soooooo understand what heat and humidity can do to a goal pace because my will got broken back in March and my next upcoming race is looking to be another scorcer but at least I’m expecting it this time. Rest up and get yourself ready for twin cities! Glad you are doing better and no I didn’t say uh oh at your photo. Usually your blogs have me laughing hysterically. Happy training!! 🙂


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  14. Kris – those conditions are just no joke when it comes to racing. That same course on a different day would yield your PR without a doubt – I actually set mine there this past spring at the Shamrock Half during Boston training – I give you huge props for even deciding to go for it on a day like that. I’m glad you are o.k., and feeling better. Hopefully your next race day rewards you with cool temperatures and light winds to go out and really rock the house.

    Recover well.


  15. Hello Kris,
    Just a quick message to ask if you would be interested in a ‘mutual’ following on twitter. I am currently following you now and am awaiting for your follow-back. (#FYI I do RT’s ‘anytime’ for all #Triathletes #Cyclists #UltraRunners & #Marathoners who follow me on Twitter and have something important they want mentioned…)

    All the very best for the rest of 2012 and beyond Kris . Look forward to hearing from you soon…



  16. I have worked the medical tents at the VB RnR this and previous years and I can tell you…this was by FAR the worst race conditions in a LOONG time. ANYBODY who finished has alot to be proud of. I treated several runners who stated this was their 7th, 10th race, etc. and they said by far this was their hardest. Congrats in your finish.


  17. I love that you’re attitude doesn’t change much whether you’ve had a stinker or ran a great race! You are not as good as your last race and you know it! You have wonderful perspective and obviously a huge amount of self belief – it’s good stuff! I think a lot of people defeat themselves after a disappointing run or two, I like how you ‘brush yourself off’ and get on with it! Glad the heat didn’t affect you for too long afterwards.


  18. Oh gosh glad to hear your ok, I have also done similar in a triathlon so know that feeling well, it’s horrible, they shoved an iv into me which helped! Your time it still awesome… and OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE your NIkes, I have never seen them, what are they called? I want some! 😀 Anyway can’t wait to hear about your next race! Hope you have an awesome week! 🙂


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