Highlights & Lowlights: A Weekly roundup.

Another great 100 mile week! I’ll be honest, it was a rough one but I was able to get in 3 great workouts and 11 runs. I only ran one workout with friends…the rest were alone. That is huge for me. Ever since moving to Virginia I’ve been lucky enough to run 3-6 times a week with friends. Mentally getting through the sufferfest of another 100 mile week alone is an accomplishment. Here is how my week played out:

Monday- AM- 8 miles @ 7:18 pace PM- 7 miles at 7:45 pace

Tuesday– AM- 5 Miles @ 7:30 pace PM- 1 Mile Warm Up, 10 Miles at 6:27 pace (goal marathon pace). I did this on the treadmill because my daughter was next door at a friends and could have come home any minute. She is not old enough to be home alone. Plus mentally marathon pace runs are easier for me on the treadmill. I have my gatorade within arms reach and I don’t have to be on the look out for cars or cyclists. This workout…WAS…..TOUGH. My legs were beaten down and while I do feel like the pace will be doable for 26.2 miles while I am rested and tapered, currently I am NOT rested and tapered. So I struggled but succeeded.

Wednesday– AM- 8 Miles @ 7:40 pace Noon- 7 Miles @ 7:22 pace. Normally I would not run doubles so close together during the day but the Mr. came home from work for lunch and so I jumped at the chance to avoid the treadmill later in the day. I was surprised my pace was so nice too. Legs were a bit sore from the day before.

Thursday- 13 Miles. I was feeling completely worn out and wondering how I would make this workout. I took a power nap before it which ended up making all the difference I needed. I ran this alone around my neighborhood. One mile to warm up then 12 miles with every last quarter mile at 5K pace. I ended up squeezing 12 400’s in there with only one water break. All my 400’s were quick and my overall pace never suffered. A rough start ended up being a very solid workout.

Friday- 11 miles, 7:20 pace.

Saturday– 19 Miles. Renee High, Leah, and I headed out for 18 miles. We are working on limiting our pitstops so we changed up our normal route. Usually we stop at every water fountain, which leads to us all taking turns sipping water, which leads to us chatting to runner friends, which leads to 2-3 minute breaks. There are no 2-3 minute pitstops every 4 miles during our Fall marathons so Renee came up with the idea to run out through the trails, onto the boardwalk, then back on the road only, which worked out perfectly. Once we hit the turn around point on the boardwalk we started intervals dropping Leah off at Mile 11. This was Renee’s planned workout, I was jumping in it with her so I wasn’t exactly sure of what intervals we would run and I asked her to keep me blissfully ignorant of the pain to come. It ended up being something like 1 minute ON, 5 minutes OFF, 3 minutes ON, 3 minutes off, 5 minutes ON, REPEAT, etc. Do you get that? I had no clue either. I was tired and it was Lost in Translation. Renee and I are no slackers and I LOVE it that way. We pushed every interval like it was the last 5 minutes of a marathon. Once we got to mile 18 (the planned stopping point) we were still not at our cars. So we ended up running PAST our cars to make it an even 19 miles, as opposed to finishing with 18.65. We both could barely stand up anymore but we are that stubborn.

Sunday- AM-5 miles PM- 6 Miles (Both relaxed pace, watchless)

This coming up week will be an easier week as I’ll be racing the Virginia Beach Rock & Roll Half Marathon on Sunday. Last year I bombed this race so I’m looking to redeem myself. Unlike most races where I need a goal time to fixate on, I have no goal time. My goal is to run my tail off and cross that finish line unable to stand up…that’s the goal. Leave it all out there then get back to work for the Twin Cities marathon next month.

Another highlight of the week….new kicks!! I adore Running Etc. They take such great care of me!! I’m ready to light a fire under these babies come race day 🙂 They are the new Nike Flyknit Racers. I’ve been running in the Flyknit trainers and LOVE them…so hopefully these will be another new love of mine.

I had a trim and lowlights put in my hair this week. I don’t know how I feel about them yet. What do you think? Lighter? Darker? Obviously this is running related.

Have a great week everyone! If you are running the Virginia Beach Rock & Roll Half this weekend, let me know!


28 thoughts on “Highlights & Lowlights: A Weekly roundup.

  1. I love getting lowlights for fall/winter — you look great blonde or brown. Besides, you’re always running so darn fast, no one has a chance to notice your hair!
    Great workouts this week. You are definitely inspiring!


  2. Great week Kris! I am glad I am not the only one that decided to head up the bike path on Shore Dr also. I really like the Flyknit shoes they are the only Nike shoes that has really caught my eye but at $150 a pair, I dont know. I can’t wait to see how you do on Sunday! I will see you up there.


  3. Way to go on your training this past week, you did awesome! I wish I could run paces like that… well for longer than a mile or so. Good luck with this week and I love the new shoes!


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  4. I wish Iived near you so I could have you kick my butt in training! I’m a nanny right now so I could babysit, too lol. So are you wearing the flyknit racers for the marathon? I’m really thinking about ordering then for my race. Do you like them? I think they could be good for me because I have long, narrow feet. It’s confusing to figure out what size I am, though!


    • I am a 9 in womens so I am wearing a 7.5 in the mens. My feet are narrow too! I end up lacing every pair of shoes very tightly. I will let you know how I feel about the racers! I LOVE the flyknit trainers but this will be my first race running in the racers. If I like them I will wear them in my marathon.


  5. Dang girl you are killing it with the miles! I have a lot of the runners I coach do the same workout of bulky MP miles on dead tired legs. Always sounds easy on paper but when you’re legs aren’t rested it’s hell, but the good kind of hell that gives you a good sense of your fitness level in relation to your goals.


  6. Kris – just another tremendous week – fantastic job, love some of your workouts, especially throwing in those 400’s each mile at the end of your MLR. I raced the Shamrock Half last spring – that course (if it is the same for the RnR, which I’m assuming it is – sets up for a great, great race.

    Once you get through the base and back out on the public street …. Wooosh.

    Knock ’em dead.


  7. What an amazingly awesome training week! You are such an inspiration. Right now I’m struggling to get in my miles training for JFK and am feeling very sluggish. Reading this has provided the motivation I need to run until I can’t stand up! Good luck this weekend!


  8. Another super week for you Kris! 🙂 Your gutting out all those hard runs will only help you in the Rock -n- Roll Virginia & Twin Cities. Like the new flats you picked up. I must say the lighter the hair the better. Makes for a much cooler head when running in the sun but then again, whom am I to speak I’m bald haha! 🙂 have an awesome running/training/resting week & best wishes in the upcoming race. You’ll smash it 100%!!!


  9. Wow, another great week of training! You are going to rock it on race day! The lowlights look great! So cute! You are brave though… I will be highlighting forever. I just can’t go darker.


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