“How many days does it take to run a hundred miles?” – Skip Eastman

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Just like that I finished my first 100 mile week for the training cycle. That picture is a lie. I actually feel great! I’ve hit 90 and 95 miles many times but only hit the 100 milestone twice ever before. My last run was an easy paced loop through my neighborhood in the rain. I was soaked but feeling super exhilarated for hitting the elusive triple digit week. I wanted to do a crazy, celebratory dance in our driveway but instead ran inside to tell the family…..”I ran 100 miles this week!!” They said “Good job!” then turned their heads back to a serious Super Mario Brothers competition. Hmph! I get more excitement when I bring home greek yogurt.

The training week went really well. The Mr. was out of town which means I run on the treadmill more often but it also means I run more often. I’ll hop on the treadmill at night rather than sit around alone. I ran 11 times in 7 days, two workouts and 1 long run.

The first workout was a 10 mile progression run. I started around 7:40 pace to warm up for the first mile then tried to pick up the pace every mile. These used to kill me. I found them to be such a struggle but now I’m easing into them. I finished up the last two miles at 6 minute pace and averaged 6:40 for the entire 10 miles. I wish I knew what I averaged for the 9 without the warm up mile, but it’s all gravy baby. The key to surviving this run was that I ran 8 minute pace the day before. Easy days EASY!
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Thursday I ran my favorite workout which is a medium long run with 800’s in the middle…no stopping allowed. I did 14 miles total and the middle 12 were alternating every 800 as easy, then 10K pace. I seriously LOVE this workout. It flies by!! In the beginning it will feel too easy then by the end it’s a real push to reach 10K pace. I did this workout earlier in this training cycle and this go round it was much easier and felt smoother. I “think” things are coming together for TCM (Twin Cities Marathon)

We had friends come into town for the second weekend in a row. We have been friends with the Bradley’s for 10 years now. They are crazy pants like us and had 3 kids in less than 2 years. You have to be absolutely nutso to do that and survive that. So we had 6 young kids running though our house….five WILD boys and one quiet girly girl. Luckily the guy friend and I were smart enough to sneak out Saturday morning to meet my local friends for a long run. Mike was talking himself down and saying “I’m not sure if I can keep up with you fast girls!” Such a LIAR, lol. He ran 17 miles with us and barely broke a sweat. I wish he could join us every weekend. The trails were gorgeous and good on our legs but also the pace ends up looking a bit slower than it actually feels. I will do a few long runs on the road to get a better feel of it.

The last 4 miles of the 21 miler, Renee, Leah, Stephen, and I did 2 and 1 minute pickups at a hard pace. It was brutal but I know I NEED to do this to prep for Twin Cities. My happy place is running 8 minute pace forever. My happy place is not running 17 miles at sub-7:30 pace on trails then sprinting 4 more…but no one is going to hand me a 2:49 finish….so I gotta work it.

Mike and Sarah also WON US OVER. They brought our kids the game Operation and The Goonies movie, my husband beer, and myself a box of chocolates. I will never understand those people who can eat one piece of chocolate a day until the whole box is gone. Within 36 hours I was staring at an empty box. Will power is something I lack.

I did not instagram that picture. All I did was frame it black. The orange tinge comes free from the reflection of our uber-bright kitchen paint and my grainy iphone camera. The sad face was also free.
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How was your weekend? Any racing? Peaking for a race coming up?

Is Goonies the best movie ever?!

Any cool marathon type workouts I should know about? I love new ideas.


36 thoughts on ““How many days does it take to run a hundred miles?” – Skip Eastman

  1. Wow… way to go on the 100 mile week. Honestly I’m lucky if I run that many miles in a month! Actually that’s about what I do in a month, but I do alot of non-running workouts too, I guess. You had some awesome paces too.

    So awesome your kids got the Operation game. Loved that when I was little. And it’s totally okay to eat all the chocolates, obviously with your running times you are doing something right hehe.


  2. What a week! You\’re a beast! You give this soon-to-be mom of 3 hope that I can train at a decent level again some day. Hope things continue to go this well for your training until the big show


  3. Sorry for the funky typing – for some reason I always have a super hard time logging in to comment so I’m happy I managed to get it to work at all this time πŸ™‚


    • When Jake decided to be hlimesf and tell the TRUTH, he had a life-altering experience. He stopped isolating, come out of his shell and now has good relationships with other people. There is a powerful message in his story and I’m glad he told it we can ALL learn from it. Jake, you’re very young but you’re a teacher already. Keep up the great work!! Very inspiring.


  4. Kris – just a tremendous week of training. You are spot on regarding running those easy days easy. I think I FINALLY have gotten that through my thick skull, but sometimes still catch myself pushing hard at the end of an easy day out of boredom or the desire to just “get home”. I’m working on being more patient. It’s not happening fast enough.


  5. Kris, you make me laugh with every post! I loved the empty box picture. I also have that issue. πŸ˜‰

    To know you did 100 miles in ONE WEEK is just astonishing to me! I did a little over 11 last week and I felt pretty good about it, lol!

    Keep up the great work and inspiring posts!!


  6. You rock!!! If I ran 100 miles a week, I would eat five boxes of chocolates:) I love reading your workouts – I am going to try to do that 12 x 800 one, I need medium long runs that fly by but work me out. It’s good to hear that someone as insanely fast as you finds their happy pace at 8 min miles…you are human;-) thanks for sharing, have a great week!!!
    By the way, how old are your kids??? Mine are close, 13 months between the first two and 2 years between the second two, but yours sound really close!


    • My kids are 6, 6, and 5. Even just a year ago I could not get on the treadmill while they were awake. They wouldn’t let me run….which is understandable. Parenting comes first. Now though I can get in 3-4 while they play. Anything more is pushing it. It only gets easier as they get older so hang in there!! πŸ™‚


      • Fidatevi sono screen della versnoie Wii. Questo gioco sfrutta il motore grafico di Spyborgs che (anche se non lo sa nessuno perch Spyborgs non se lo filato di striscio nessuno) tra i migliori mai fatti per Wii.


  7. Congrats on reaching 100 miles! That’s amazing. I don’t have any good marathon workouts, but I’m training for my first, so I’ll be checking back to see if anyone gives you any good tips. πŸ™‚

    BTW, I’m one of those weirdos who can eat just one chocolate a day until they are all gone.


  8. Wow- that’s a seriously impressive week, especially since you had amazing workouts instead of junk miles!
    I also have ZERO willpower when it comes to chocolate. I’m glad I’m not alone!
    I have my big race in less than a week now- scary.


  9. Ha! I love the chocolate pics. I did that with a burger the other day (and I don’t even love burgers usually). I swear I had just picked it up and all of a sudden it was gone. I even said to my husband “someone ate my burger” and he laughed and told me I did. I swear I am eating like a teenaged boy. πŸ™‚

    Congrats on the triple digits!!! I hit 95 miles this week which is my highest ever. You are rocking the paces too. Woo hoo!! I think you are going to have an awesome race. I am under two weeks now until Pocatello and am just hoping taper works it trick and brings back my energy because I am tired!!


  10. I was so proud of myself for hitting my first 50 mile week, and here you are doing 100! And with 3 kids! You are a rock star. πŸ™‚ You are going to kill it at Twin Cities!

    I am one of those weird people that only eats 1 chocolate a day. But I could kill an entire bag of chips in one sitting (reason #1 I don’t keep them around, haha)!


  11. You are the runner I aspire to be. Thank you for sharing these workouts, I don’t want to tell my coach how to such eggs but I might just slip a few of them into conversation, just casually πŸ˜‰ Can I ask, where is your treadmill? In the house or garage? How old are your kids, I can’t imagine getting peace and still being able to keep an eye on mine whilst running but they are still very young. Look forward to hearing how you’re marathon goes πŸ™‚


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  12. wow. It’s so inspiring that you, not only, put in so many (quality!) miles, but that you feel great, too.
    They’re gonna have to re-name the Twin Cities Marathon. It’ll be Kris Lawrence Marathon after you kick that course’s butt!
    And, regarding your kids’ excitement : Super Mario trumps all. πŸ˜‰


  13. Awesome! I think the most I ever did was 80…. Would love to try more someday! I think having a treadmill helps, I can easily convince myself to get another three miles after work when it’s right in my house….I bet you are so hungry after this week! I am running 60-75/ week and I’m hungry all the time.


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