Kris-Ten Runs Week Ten

Week 10 (as in 10 weeks left until race day) was a very busy one which is why I did not find time to write about it until now. I am getting to the point in the training cycle where physically I am in LOVE with the training but mentally/emotionally I am struggling to balance and fit it all in. I hit another 90 mile week and that adds up to 12 or so hours of running. Who has an extra 12 hours lying around their weekly schedule? None of us. Maybe the “Real Housewives of whereever” do but this real housewife/mom does not. We’re all in the same boat though…that’s half the sacrifice of endurance training, am I right?

I mentioned before that I would be racing the Tidewater Striders Memorial Scholarship 5K. I ran 7 miles that morning and a 2 mile warm up before the race that evening. The race ended up being a bit of a fiasco. People behind our group were pointed in the wrong direction and when I finished in 2nd place behind Renee High, there were two girls I had never seen pass me finished before us. It was an honest mix up and the race organizers did a good job announcing the results would not be considered official but it was very confusing at the finish line. I’m just happy that I ran the full course so that I know my 18:15 finishing time was accurate. That is a fantastic time for me in the middle of a 90 mile week. Plus I got to chat it up with another favorite Virginia Beach runner girl Hollie I love her blog, so check her out if you have time. Here is a pic of Renee and I afterwards during the pizza, beer, and raffle fun.
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At that same race the owner of Running Etc., Mike Robinson, let me know that they have in the new, hard to get, Nike Flyknits. I hid my excitement when he said to come in and pick up a pair. I REALLY wanted to jump up and down screaming like a kid. So Thursday I brought my kids to jump up and down screaming for me. Totally kidding, they were good. The store has balance boards to occupy curious kids 🙂

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Honestly I thought the Nike fuss over their new flyknit shoe line (Racers come out soon and are being worn on every U.S. athlete while they stand on the Olympic podium) was overstated but the fuss is real. I’ve run 32 miles in them so far and they are my new favorite training shoe. The top is completely one piece, entirely flexible, conforms to the top of my odd foot, and is lightweight! It feels like a racer but has the cushioning of a trainer. It is the most comfortable running shoe I’ve ever owned.
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Saturday was another 18 miler day. My long run will not be less that 20 miles for the rest of the training cycle now so I enjoyed 18 while it lasted. I had plenty of great friends to keep me company which I am thankful for. The 18 miles on trails flew by. That same evening two great runner friends held their gorgeous wedding at the Virginia Beach aquarium. It was a beautiful venue and ceremony!! Since I had included a humid race day picture of Renee and I earlier in this post I thought it would be cute to share a picture of her and I all cleaned up at the wedding 🙂 Such a fun night!

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Have a great week everyone!!


23 thoughts on “Kris-Ten Runs Week Ten

  1. Great job this week! I am up to 90 miles this week but that will be very close to my peak this time. And awesome job on the 5k! You are super fast. So glad all is going well! You are amazing. 🙂


  2. Yowsas!!! Congrats to you hotties!!

    Ok – orange is my favorite color and I am litterally going to try and figure out how I can squeeze into my budget to get these sexy sneaks on my foot right now. And my right now I mean I needed these yesterday.


  3. As a fellow real housewife, I seriously don’t know how you fit in 12 hrs of training. You are incredible. I feel pretty maxed at 9 hrs of training (not all running, to be sure). Just the time away and how they act when I return…gah. Congrats on a killer 5K!


  4. I WAS SO EXCITED WE COULD CHAT! #FINALLY (all caps was needed!) I am really glad I also did the full course. I would have been rather irritated to have done the 2.X course. Anyways-I like the orange color a lot too. So bright! Great 90+ mile week. I’m supposed to build up to that either this week or next so we shall see. 😛


  5. I haven’t worn Nikes in years, but you’re selling that Flyknit very well. I might have to hunt down a pair (when I’m not stuck running in the pool exclusively).
    Congrats on your awesome 5k finish! Your “after” pic looks like you guys were just hanging out, enjoying a sunny day. Totally deceptive of how hard you’d just run!


  6. Your mileage continues to inspire me! I’ll probably never be close to that (about half that is what I aim for in a good week!), but I love to read about others that are killin’ it. Great 5k too, in the midst of the high mileage.


  7. You are getting faster and fitter by the moment! Amazing! I’m curious to try the new nikes – at least try them on – I have had very poor results with nikes in the past so I don’t know if I’ll be buying, but I sure am curious. I had a weird top of the foot, too – high arch with a bone bump – so I bet they’d fit me well.


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