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Today’s Workout:

AM- 11 Miles with 8 @ Goal Marathon Pace- 6:25
-Took a quick pitstop in the middle of the marathon pace part…yikes! Otherwise this workout went better than planned. I felt smooth and focused on keeping good form and breathing. Hearing goal marathon pace always makes me laugh a bit. What exactly is goal pace? Can I say my goal marathon pace is 4 minute miles? lol.

PM- 3 Miles at a recovery pace.
-I’ll do this one tonight on the treadmill after the kiddos are asleep.

Remember when I wrote about running a 5K with my daughter HERE? Well I was approached by writer and runner Lacy Hansen to be a part of her series of articles about running with children. She sent me some questions and I felt truly flattered that she would include me. Here is the link for anyone interested in reading. Click Here

Kelsea and I thank you Lacy!!

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20 thoughts on “Link Love

  1. I love the article on you and your daughter racing together :). I always think it’s awesome when families run together and it was great for you to do it with her, especially when you could complete like 3 5Ks in that time period, I’m sure it meant a lot to her and you as well.


  2. Nice set of runs today! I always like doing doubles–that second one always seems to clear the junk from my legs. And how cool that you guys are featured in the article! Fantastic.


  3. Query: how do you do your MP running? I’m trying to picture seeing a girl run a 6:25 down the streets in my hood, and it would be impossible… many stop lights, tight turns, stop signs, jerks who don’t share the sidewalk. The only place I can run that speed is the treadmill, or the track. Do you do these workouts on the treadmill?


    • See, I have a benefit of being a suburban, beach town mom that ultra cool city girls like yourself do not have….calm roads. My neighborhood is flat and I have a 5 mile loop with barely any traffic. When I lived outside of Seattle though I did marathon pace work on the treadmill often. Some people act like the treadmill is terrible but it can be a great training tool. If the humidity is ridiculous or when I start doing 10-15 mile marathon pace runs, I will be on the treadmill with fuel by my side. I’m not training for a humid, 95 degree marathon where I have to dodge traffic, know what I mean?


      • I LOVE this response, I have just concluded that all my tempo work MUST be on the treadmill during Houstons hot and steamy months, I simply can’t produce the kind of paces I want/need outside in summer. Would love to see a post from your re the ‘fuel’ you mention – this side is still a mystery to me. Also a post on how you improved your marathon time so incredibly and in such a relatively short period of time. I have just agreed to run the paces my coach wants me to in the run up to Houston but I’m nervous about where the improvement comes, I mean I feel like if I can train harder then I ought to? Would love to hear how you managed such a rapid improvement. pretty please?!


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  4. I’m laughing at your comment about what MP really is. I’ve been wondering the same thing as I’m starting to train for NYC. My plan currently calls for 6 miles at MP, so do I use my current marathon time from a few weeks ago, or do I shoot for a faster time in NYC (although I hear it’s a hard course to do well on, so I’m doubtful I can be faster there)?? Still not sure what to do!


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