Too Fast For Love

Here is my mileage for last week. I was really hoping to be in the 85-90 mile range but with a busy week I was never able to bump it up. The intensity was there though and I am happy with where I am at. 11 weeks until Twin Cities!

Saturday ended up being an amazing day for me. Renee and I met at 6 for our 18 mile long run with the Allen Stone BraveHeart Memorial 5K thrown in the middle and like usual when we are together…..nothing is normal! We get to the park and it’s closed so we end up climbing a 10 foot fence in the pouring rain to run through the muddy trails. I believe we were running low 7’s. A friend had told us the 5K race started at 8:10 so we get to her house at 7:39 to change and then run to the starting line. I’m in my car changing out of my wet clothes when Renee comes out of her house with an extremely serious face and yells “KRIS, GET IN THE CAR!” I knew immediately from her expression that we were very very wrong about the race start time. We drive to the start, I throw money in the meter while she pins her bib on her soaked clothes (she didn’t have time to change!) and we sprint at 5:45 pace to the start which was a half a mile from where we parked. We got to the start line with 90 seconds to spare. My heart rate was through the roof and we both forgot our beloved sunglasses! All we needed was our bibs though.

The point of this training run was to get to the starting line with legs that felt like they were going to fall off and that’s what we did! Renee ended up winning the girls race and I was 2nd place female. My time was slower than usual (19:23) but I knew it would be after our 10 miles plus sprint to the start. The wheels fell off during that last mile of the race…..something I need to work on. After the race we finished up our run to total 18 miles for the day in time for the awards ceremony and hanging out with great friends. I had so much fun!

Ryan Carroll (1st Place Male), Renee High (1st Place Female), Aric Martinez (The friend who told us the wrong start time, lol), Kris Lawrence (2nd Place Female)

Saturday night the Mr. friends and I went to see KISS and Motley Crue (hence the post title). Steve and I were dressed normally when our friends showed up with 80’s rock stuff for the guys to wear. Stephanie and I spent the whole night laughing and the guys spent the whole night posing with strangers for pictures. I was shocked at how much attention they got. Guys are such hams! We had a blast but believe me I was happy to hand that 80’s wig back over at the end of the night! Between the race, the concert, and play time with the kids in between it was a perfect day.

I can feel the jealousy ladies. Back off….these bad hair 80’s rockers are ours.

Did you do any racing this weekend? Long Run? Can you admit that you love the 80’s too? πŸ˜‰


21 thoughts on “Too Fast For Love

  1. I love your blog title- it goes well with your post too. Congrats on your finish at the 5K, it sounds like you did great on tired legs despite barely making it to the start.


    • Ha, Thanks! I was worried people would not get that it was a Motley CrΓΌe lyric since we went to the concert that night and instead just think I was being obnoxious, lol. Glad you got it!


  2. You are so inspiring – in running and in living life – the mileage you get in is crazy impressive! My body can’t handle anywhere close to that, but I hope someday I can get up there! I never commented on your post about your grandmother, but you were obviously very lucky to have her, and her you – my condolences to you, big hugs!


    • I can handle mileage just fine but my body hates intensity. I only get injured when I try to do too much speedwork. So to off set less speed sessions I have to bump up the mileage and steady state runs. Everyone is different!


  3. Impressive mileage week! Nice long run and awesome job on the 5k! Glad you had a fun time at the concert too. πŸ™‚ No racing for me this weekend but had a nice 16 mile long run yesterday…the temperatures on both Saturday and Sunday morning were perfect! Too bad it’s going to be blazing hot again this week! Have a great day! πŸ™‚


  4. Oh my word you lived one of my nightmares – wrong race time! Sounds like a great race/run and how much fun for you two to come in 1st and 2nd. I do love the 80’s and my kids do too. Poor things…I’ve warped them at such a young age!


  5. How you did that race after running all those miles. I understand about being extremely busy and not being to able to run as much. I would love to be able to run the summer series but I have so much going on Wednesday mornings that it is so difficult for me to get out there!


  6. Wow, what an exciting day! I can just see you sprinting to that start line! And to go 1-2 after a 10 mile warm up, that’s fantastic! Love the pic of the guys…my husband is a huge 80s music fan…drove his car to my race Saturday night and all the presets on the radio are 80s stations!


  7. I loved the story about the break-neck dash to get to the race start!! And to finish 2nd overall after all that?! Amazing!! Thanks for being inspiring every day! (PS: I *heart* 80s music!)


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