Short & Sweet Weekly Recap

Since my running log week ends on Saturday here is how my training panned out. Mileage and intensity stayed the same but considering I had a day off the daily average bumped up slightly. My long run today was done on the treadmill since I’m a Navy spouse and my kids aren’t old enough to be left home alone for two hours.  I’d say it was rough but honestly our rec. room temp was a good 10 degrees cooler (not air conditioned with the rest of house) then the temps outside where it was 90 when I woke up plus no humidity so I can’t complain.

About 2/3rds of the way into the run when I would normally take a gel, I took one look at it and thought “BLAH” so I walked to the kitchen and ate half a bowl of leftover Orange Chicken & Veggies (homemade not the fried kind).  Jumped back on the treadmill and finished the run before my stomach had time to realize I committed a runner’s fueling crime.  80 mile weeks has me SO hungry ALL THE TIME. Just another awesome perk of running…eating.

Have a great weekend!!


34 thoughts on “Short & Sweet Weekly Recap

  1. Dude. I can’t eat ANYTHING before a race…I can’t imagine eating chicken and then finishing a long run, lol! Great, great job! Tomorrow I have my first 10k…not much compared to your week, but you inspire me to continually strive for me! 😀


  2. I’m trying to build up to 80 mpw when my marathon training starts, and have found that when doing 65 mpw now I am ravenous! I’m glad it’s not just me. I need a snack every three hours, haha!


  3. If I ate chicken while running I would probably actually die. My stomach is so sensitive! That’s a fantastic 80 mile week. I’m impressed by your range of paces: Everything from “slow” 8’s to numbers I can’t even look at without my legs and lungs hurting! I think when I’m all non-injured I need to incorporate more running variety. It is clearly working for you!


  4. That was a hard-core week, finished off by a mentally tough (16 miles on the treadmill!) finale. No wonder you’re hungry!


  5. Crazy impressive mileage, Kris! I used to swear I hate treadmills, but after some recent long-run meltdowns in 90 degree heat, they are looking a lot more enticing… 🙂

    I really dislike gels. I mean, I use them anyway, but I never look forward to them. Yesterday I took half a pack of gummy fruit snacks that I had leftover from the movies on Friday, and I was much more excited about eating those mid-run! I always hate the thought of eating something sweet mid or post-run – chicken and veggies sounds good to me!


  6. oh my gosh I love that you got of the treadmill for a quick bite of orange-chicken! I would have done the same…YUCK to GU! I think I am allergic to the treadmill, I stay very far away from that machine 🙂
    I hope your week is off to a great start! heck yes for great mileage!!!


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