Maybe I’ll be Fast as you….Maybe I’ll Break Hearts too…

Did everyone have a great weekend? We had some celebrating in my family which I couldn’t miss so a road trip to Philly was on order. One sister had her graduation party and another sister recently became engaged. So happy for them both!! Below is the picture of my graduating sister with her father (my step father). The original Hipster. Black thick rimmed glasses, plaid shirt, Carhartt Jeans, a cigarette (don’t get me started on that one) in one hand, and a beer in the other hand….so hipster before it was hipster.

When I was completely broke in college and stayed with them to save $$ he used to come home from working a grueling night shift and make me breakfast sandwiches for my hour long commute. The best thing he ever did for me though is introduce my siblings and I to great music….The Beatles, Johnny Cash, tons of Motown, Lynard Skynard, etc. My post title was written by Dwight Yoakum who the Hipster made us all listen to again & again. Love those lyrics. I thought it was a fitting running blog title

Happy Graduation Faith!!

Saturday morning I woke up early to race the Run For Africa 5K Not to be rude but that picture on the website and tiny course description is incredibly misleading. I had another sister and her daughter come with me. This course was NOT jogging stroller certified. I ran the course as a warm up and there were monster dirt hills, rocks and roots to jump over, and twisty-turns in tall grass. I felt terrible for my stroller pushing sister but deep down I was getting more and more excited as my warm up went by. Ages ago in high school we used to train for XC in that park and the course brought back 1000 great memories. I LOVE Cross Country so this course was awesome.

I threw any vague ideas I had of time, pace, PR’s out the window and lined up to race. Two girls and a pack of men took it out fast and I cruised the first mile with so much excitement, running through the woods and up those dirt trails was FUN! It was 90 degrees out and humid so I was huffing and puffing right away but even still there was probably a smile on my face. At the end of the first mile (I am guessing, no mile markers and I didn’t wear my Garmin) I passed the two girls who were out in front on the monster hill but I could tell from all the turns that one was close behind me for awhile. At the 2 mile point we had looped around to where we had run a part of mile 1 and I was able to say hi to my sister. That gave me the motivation I needed to keep my head up, spot the top 3 males ahead of me, and start picking them off one by one. I passed the lead male runner with 1200 meters to go but then something pretty embarrassing happened. My shoelace came untied!! I mean….Who does that? I knew there were 3 guys right behind me so my options were A.) Stop to Tie my Shoelace and get Passed B.) Let the shoelace slow me down but Keep Racing!! I chose option B and was lucky not to fall flat on my face. I crossed the finish line in 19:18 which I am happy with considering the heat, course, and that I was at the end of an 80 mile week. I can’t lie…beating all the boys felt great!! 😉

After the race…red sweaty face, holy humidity!:

At the Awards Ceremony, my oldest kid is trying to con me out of my prize $$

Did anyone else race this weekend? Did you celebrate anything? What are your 4th of July plans?? Any Hipsters in the family? Do your kids try to steal your winnings? 😉

Also if you have a wordpress blog, my comments are probably in your spam. WordPress hates me, most likely because I complain about their vlog fees.


30 thoughts on “Maybe I’ll be Fast as you….Maybe I’ll Break Hearts too…

  1. Aww, sorry he tried to steal your prize! But you had an awesome time for a hilly course in the heat, really glad you did so well. I would hate to have a jogging stroll out on a cross country course though, that would be brutal.


  2. you beat EVERYONE! winner! keep winning all these races so you can get rich from prize money and be the best pretend-poor-hipster there is.

    My neighborhood is hipster central. the new “mission” district, if you are familiar with the bay area. They are all pretend-poor-hipsters, because they have rich parents but are rebelling by looking/smelling dirty and riding their bike everywhere, then lying down on grass in large groups with their bikes all around. I’m cool with the bikes. Except when they ride like dickwads in the middle of the street. Your sister’s dad is a true hipster though!


  3. Oh, man, it’s so frustrating when race directors give innacurate info about course conditions. Maybe they’ve just never run with a stroller and were overly optimistic about how difficult it would be with a stroller?

    Also, congrats on the win. Way to defeat your sinister shoelace!


    • Thanks! To be fair the race website never said it was jogging stroller friendly, I just saw the paved trail picture (that was not actually from the race location) and thought….looks good! lol. She made out like a champ though and actually beat a few people!


  4. That is awesome. I raced a cross country 5k this weekend too-when I saw your tweet, I was like…no she wasn’t there what the heck (then realized you were out of state!). Since you love cross country so much, will you run all my races for me in the fall and qualify for nationals. k thanks. 😉


  5. You’re awesome, that is an amazing time. I definitely would have tripped and broken my arm with that shoelace incident! My kids totally pickpocket my race stuff every time!! I don’t know where any of my race medals are – they take them all. I love having my kids at the races. I just decided to run a four mile race on Wednesday, should be fun.


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  6. You are amazing! Not only did you beat EVERYONE, you beat ’em with a faulty shoelace. GREAT job–thanks for sharing the story and the hipster backstory. Made me laugh out loud! 🙂


  7. You’re awesome. Sounds like a great race & cause. Congrats on sticking with it and not face planting across the finish ;). Actually – that would have made for a booyah dramatic finish next time (note to self).

    I raced a scorching 82 degree race this weekend. BUT last weekend it was a little “cooler” but the humidity was much higher (which made it more unbearable than this past week). I don’t know how we do it!


  8. Congratulations on a great race!
    I think my klutziness would have forced me to stop and tie my shoe. That being said – I’m not speedy enough to have to worry too much about that making the difference between winning or not 🙂

    I was celebrating Canada Day – so that was fun.


  9. Congrats on a great race as always – super impressed mama!

    And great cause as well, glad the heat didn’t beat you.

    I run in Yankz, looove them. I haven’t tied my running shoes in years.

    4th means friends, food and fireworks! Have a good one!


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