More Olympic Trials Favs & Wordpress Must be Broken

Today’s Rundown- 13 Total Miles AM- 10 Miles (5 @ 7:15 pace, pitstop for water, 5 @ 6:47 pace) PM- 3 miles @ 8:40 pace

Early this morning when I woke up, like every other modern day girl of 2012, checked my email from my phone while still in bed. I had a whole bucket load of new followers. Until I die I will be surprised when anyone wants to read a word I type so immediately I thought wordpress must be busted.

Turns out RoseRunner had written about me on her website. Judging by how many people were sent my way, that girl is popular. I had no idea one of my blogging heroes even knew I was alive so I did an extra excited early morning happy jig. An old picture that fittingly describes how shocked I felt when I realized she was recommending little ole me:

Have you seen my pants?!

My Olympic Trials Finals Picks

On a somewhat (stay with me here) related note the picture above was taken immediately after I had a major blow up and been lapped by superstar Tara Erdmann and about 8 bazillion other speedy girls at an indoor meet at the Univ. of WA. I could go into detail but the truth is I forgot how to run. After the race my friend asks “Wow, are you okay? That was really embarrassing.” I wanted to die. Adding insult to injury my smart alec coach says in a concerned but kind voice “When you get passed you are supposed to move out of the way, it’s track etiquette. I didn’t tell you because I didn’t think you were going to get LAPPED!” I’m like “Can I get you a shovel to dig my shame hole a little bigger?!?”

Afterwards I shut that day and Erdmann out of my mind until the Trials start and I spot a girl I recognize on the starting line with Shalane Flanagan. I saw her and felt VINDICATED. I mean, how embarrassing is it to get lapped by someone who has a legitimate shot at being in the Olympics?!? Not at all!! Sooooooo I’m pulling for Tara Erdmann in the finals because that track meet was awkward, blurry, and embarrassing just like my picture above.

Like every other runner girl who loves a success story I am pulling for Lauren Fleshman. I’m guessing you are aware of her backstory of constant injuries for the last 9 months. During her 5000 meter heat last night she pulled off an incredibly gutsy race to qualify for the Finals Heat. The thing is Lauren did it on only 10 miles a week. JAW-DROPPING. She needs to sell that 10 mile a week training program to Runner’s World pronto. “10 miles a week to the Olympic Trials”. I’d buy that issue. We all love Lauren because she wears her heart on her sleeve. She blogs about her highs and maybe more importantly her lows too which makes it another favorite of mine. I appreciate runners exposing the emotional side, know what I mean? I also adore her unfiltered side. So on that note I am sharing with you my all time favorite post race interview of ANY athlete (only 16 seconds long and very worth it) HERE She is just so awesome.

I hope you are all having a great week!! I’ve shifted all my workouts this week to fit in a 5K this weekend (that I will not be tapering for) so I will be doing my longest run in a great while tomorrow. Wish me luck and Happy Training! Let me know who you are loving (and who you are not loving) in the Olympic Trials. Visit RoseRunner and tell her that I’ve one upped her and “Highly Recommend” her.


22 thoughts on “More Olympic Trials Favs & Wordpress Must be Broken

  1. RoseRunner is a fave of mine, too. I am fortunate enough to even know her in real life 🙂 I may be slow, but I do keep cool company 😉 This 10-mile/week training plan to greatness…I need that, too! My injury-plagued body is having a hard time getting with the program running but is very happy doing other things. Such a bummer that all I really want to do is run…of course 😛 As to your shameful run from the past…I’ll bet you were the only one out there with actual boobs, though…so you had THAT going for ya 😉


    • LOL, Me and my boobs….we could have won that race! 😉 ha ha. Is that not the most unflattering photo ever? I have no clue whats going on with that sports bra. I look weird, lol. Hoping your body starts cooperating with running soon!!


      • You and Suzy Favor Hamilton 😉 Fast women with hot bodies. You don’t look weird…other than most exceptional and slim women athletes do not have boobs. So you would stand out in the crowd. I know 😉


  2. omg! Lauren Fleshman is amazing! Totally my hero. She wrote in her latest post that she was able to sprint without pain, so I’m guessing she kept her aerobic fitness up with swimming and otherwise did a shitload of speed training? So curious to read more about this. And yeah, the “10 mile a week” program is going to make her a millionaire 🙂

    Too funny about getting lapped by Erdmann. Well, ok, not funny at the time, but yeah, anyone who can legitimately run against Shalane Flanagan is not someone to measure yourself against!


  3. Hey, I knew you were awesome before Rose Runner told everyone, haha!!! I remember getting lapped a few races by my college teammate, Erin Richard. However, now she runs for Brooks Hanson and made it to the marathon trials. I can brag about being lapped now!


  4. I totally know how effective that 10 mile per week plan is as long as its quality. She had a huge base as the foundation and from there only needed quality. I am running the best times in over 12 years right now off of 15-25 miles per week (all quality). But, let’s be honest, even if you had Lauren’s exact workout schedule, would you ever buy into the lower mileage? Great post today! Really enjoy reading your blog 🙂


    • You of all people know I wouldn’t! lol. I don’t have Lauren or your speed though. When I did a cool down with Tara Erdmann after that race she told me she runs 80-90 mile weeks so I’m following her lead 😉


  5. You’re too funny – I will have to check her out!! I always check my emails and Facebook from bed. Peter always rolls his eyes when I do!

    I am now routing for this girl – I would also buy that RW issue ASAP!


  6. That’s pretty amazing about the 10 miles a week, but I’m definitely a fan of less mileage if you make it count. If it works for her, then that’s really awesome :). So cool that you got mentioned in another blog, I love seeing my hits spike sometimes when things like that happen!


  7. You posted a picture of you, AND details about your workout! Love it. Coming out of your shell…seriously glad that some new readers got to find you, THEY are the happy ones.

    I’m enjoying your trials recaps. I keep missing all the good races…every time I turn on the TV it is swimming trials. I’ll recap the (marathon) trials for you in 2016 when YOU ARE TOO BUSY RUNNING IN IT,


  8. Yeah. We’ll be cheering for you up there in four years! And if that doesn’t send chills down yo’ spine…
    I found your blog and roserunners around the same time and I was thrilled to find two such talented runners to follow and learn from. I’m all about stealing smart training tips, and I am a little too interested in race recaps. I love the mile by mile. I can usually relate…at a slower pace, that is!


  9. yea, lauren always runs with guts….i mean balls. 😉 she had an AWESOME race in the semi’s and while the finals i’m sure she’s disappointed to not be going to London, she has to be proud of how she ran both tonight and prior. seriously, some EPIC action over in Eugene, can’t wait for tomorrow! 🙂


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