Weekend Round Up & Tweet of the Trials

What type of friend takes pictures that she was texted from another friend and posts them on her blog?? A shameless Kris Lawrence. I didn’t get to experience the Olympic Trials first hand but was sent some pictures that I had to share. The Nike picture above makes me sigh. I feel strongly that Pre is one of the few men who can pull off a stand alone mustache. Opinions?

Running in the rain, to qualify for the Olympics. Another huge sigh from me. I know most everyone seems to be a Ritz fan but I’ve been on Team Rupp since the Face Mask Incident. Check out this Ritz gem (I think my friend had good seats!):

Did anyone race this past weekend? No races for me this weekend but I have a 5K next Saturday. Instead I was able to get some solid base mileage in. Early Saturday I ran with friends on the trails for 14 muddy miles. Last night I ran 12 through my neighborhood looping by the Thoroughgood House. I’ve run by it 100 times but never explored it before today. Later I brought my kids back to try to teach them that not evey child grew up with electricity, trampolines, and scooters explore. It looks small from the front but there are gardens in the back. I’ve been using this historic landmark as a mileage marker for almost a year and had no idea what I was missing each time I ran by it. I came home and started wikipedia-ing the Thoroughgoods and for the rest of the day felt guilt every time I accidentally left a light on or ate anything I didn’t pick or kill myself.

How is your base mileage looking for your Fall races? Here are my details from the past week.

77 Total Miles

Sunday- 11 @ 7:33 pace
Monday- A.M.- 10 miles P.M.-5 miles @ 8:00 pace
Tuesday- 7.5 miles with 2 @ 6:20 pace & 2 @ 6:05 pace
Wednesday- 10 miles @ 7:45 pace
Thursday- A.M.- 9 miles with 5 at 6:18 pace P.M.- 3 @ 6:48 pace
Friday- A.M.- 7.5 miles @ 7:30 pace
Saturday- 14 miles on the trails

Leaving you with one last Olympic Trials picture. This one is of the Brooks girl I had picked to win (and did win) the 10K, Amy Hastings. She won my “Tweet of the Trials” award for her reply to Brooks Running. My girl crush grew by a mile after reading her hardcore, ambitious reply.

Check out the tweet on that girl:

What were your favorite Olympic Trials moments? What events are you looking forward to this week?


24 thoughts on “Weekend Round Up & Tweet of the Trials

  1. Love Amy Hastings! My favorite moment was LoLo Jones after she qualified in the 100 meter hurdles. I was really happy for her. the whole thing is so much fun to watch. And now the swimming trials start too!


  2. Nice base mileage girl. Base….ha.. My base mileage was supposed to start integrating speed and then I did as told…now we are going back to almost all easy miles so I don’t peak before November. I was enjoying my speed workouts but I can’t complain for easy miles either…I guess…


  3. Yep, Pre could totally pull off the stache! Friends’ pics of the Trials NEED to be posted! I would do the same! Gotta share them for those of us who aren’t there right now! Looks like you had a good week of training! I raced over the weekend which is good because the rest of my running week was lacking!


  4. Check out that training schedule…whew!

    Hands down my favorite moment was when Eaton was finishing the decathlon and the guy in the lead (can’t remember who it was) practically fell onto the ground trying to slow down to let him him that event and have his moment. It was hardly noticed, but an incredible sacrifice.

    As much as track & field, running, etc. is a total individual competition, the level of community and support for other athletes never ceases to amaze me.


    • Lisa Uhl is incredible. How amazing would it be to be a part of her training group with Shalane and Kara Goucher? I couldn’t keep up with them during a warm up but it would be fun. Good luck at the 5K!!


  5. We are loving watching the trials in my house. 🙂 As a Brooks runner I am a huge Amy fan, and yes, her Tweet was awesome!! I cheer for Ritz and for Rupp and I love how they worked together in this race. Ashton Eaton was a total blast to watch. I love it all. Great job with the training! I would love to try and keep up with you on some of your runs. It would be so much fun to have someone to train with. So glad it is going well for you! Hugs!


  6. Woohoo!! I saw her and immediately thought of you pulling for Hastings!! I made my half training plan this past week for the Fall even though it doesn’t start until August. I need to build my base back up from my short injury. I had a muddy rain run today and it was glorious 🙂


  7. Thank you so much for posting this! I have always watched the Olympics but not really appreciated just what goes into them. Thank you for sharing the pics–I feel like I was there! I also enjoyed the story of Thoroughgood house…as a lover of both history and historic architecture, I just eat that stuff up with a spoon! 🙂

    GREAT job on the mileage this week!!


  8. You are an enthusiastic fan!! I don’t have a TV, and tried to watch the trials online, but NBC said I had to tell them my cable provider…um. I don’t have one! So, no trials for me!!! 😦


  9. That is some crazy mileage! I am in awe. You are an awesome runner. I’m in the process of building mileage back up myself – I haven’t run a full marathon since 2009, but I somehow talked myself into one in October. Although my goal is just to BQ. I wish I had some of your speed!

    I have loved the trials. I love the crazy track outfits (half shirts with decorative holes, metallics, forehead headbands, face bedazzling). I think my favorite reaction was Lolo Jones when she made the Olympic team!

    I just realized that your husband is a Navy sub guy. So is mine! We are living in our 4th location in 7 years. Oh, Navy life! Although we are currently on shore duty, so life is good. 🙂 Although after 4.5 years of Hawaii and San Diego, Boston winters are really difficult to get used to!


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