“You got the right temperature….”

How is everyone holding up in the heat? This is the first week I’ve really felt it in my workouts. It hit me like a ton of bricks Tuesday evening when Dennis and I tried to do my 4 X 1 mile repeats. The first two I hit the splits well and the last two were redunkulous. I don’t know if he knew but a car drove up and yelled at me “Get that GUY!” I’m thinking “I am TRYING!!! I don’t let people beat me for fun!” I laughed though and people who say positive things like that make my day. It’s the weird things people say that freak me out. Anyone shout nice things to you?

Wednesday I hit the trails alone for a 10 miler. I spent the morning with the family and driving to the trails that afternoon my car read the following: (It may have well read “Dummy, you should have woken up early to run!”)

No complaining allowed until it hits triple digits. Then no complaining allowed until it hits quadruple digits.

On days I am running for distance not pace I have no issue with temps. I know I will run a slower pace, plan to hit the water fountains, and enjoy it because it’s better than running in 3 years of cold, windy, rain (Sorry Seattle! πŸ˜‰ )

Race photos came back from the 8K. Usually I do not even look at race photos. It sounds odd because I have a blog but I cannot stand looking at videos, pictures, etc. of myself. I get all bashful and awkward. This one is good though. I LOVE the guy photo bombing in the background. I wonder how many other pictures of other runners he is in, ha!

Today I had two runs planned. I did 9 miles in the morning, 5 of which were intervals at half marathon pace or faster, other 4 were warm up and cool down. Tonight I’ll do an easy 3-4 to finish the day. What do you have planned today??

Lastly, I can’t post videos on my blog but check out this link with videos of my training partners. Such a fun group. β€œOn The Run!”


26 thoughts on ““You got the right temperature….”

  1. Ugh – I hate running in the heat! That said, I’m a big fan of coastal living – in SoCal we get the blessed marine layer for a good chunk of the summer which gives you a nice cool, very early morning window. Blast it when it’s gone!


  2. You summed it up about right–I am slower in this heat, no doubt. I don’t mind it so much when running easy, but I do hate seeing those splits during speed work! That which doesn’t kill us, right?


  3. The heat down here nearly has me melting and looking like a hot mess Kris but I’m pushing through it! I so hate summer time running in Florida. The only thing that gets me through each summer is to keep telling myself that training in the heat translates into fast fall/winter race times. The temps and humidity are even wicked at 5:00am which is when I get in all my runs. Today I actually ran what will be my shortest run of the summer, a 3.5 miler which was run alternating between 5 & 10k pace which was … I know I’m sick … refreshingly painful. With all the slower pacing of marathon training that I have been doing I forgot how much hurt comes with 5 & 10k pacing. Love the race pic!! You have got some abs of steel speedster ha! πŸ™‚

    Run Happy!!! πŸ™‚


    • Thanks! I deleted a photo at the last minute thinking “Really? How much is too much?” I will type more details about splits and goal paces for now on. I always figure I’m boring everyone to death but then again the whole point of this blog is to be my journal so tough luck, right?!


  4. I like the pic despite the man in it, lol. Even funnier that it’s a bigger dude too. That happened at a race I did, the organizer parked her station wagon near the finish and the car was in like every finish pic, haha. It’s been crazy hot here too and I regret when I wait to run!


  5. I am so happy I read this because SO MANY PEOPLE are complaining about running in the heat – at least we can run!! It was starting to bum me out.

    I have an upper respiratory infection – no working out for me 😦


  6. I’m running on the dreadmill 😦 It’s like 110 everday so unless I get up at 430 to run, its not going to happen

    I love the photobomber! That’s hilarious! You look pretty awesome too Ms Speedy! πŸ™‚


  7. Great workouts, Kris! Whenever I run in the heat I remind myself I’m acclimatizing for those hot summer races! Spent today at Busch Gardens with the family – my kids wilted after about 4 hours, I could have gone on much longer!!!


  8. I def feel you on this heat. It’s been awful for training and my 1 mile repeats suffered this week too. Maybe it’s just because 1m repeats are the worst ever. πŸ˜‰

    PS: That photo is awesome! I love when random people get in the photo…ha…


  9. I was just saying, with the hot or cold temps, it’s a matter of what time you get up to go.

    Why do I always get the creepers yelling at me? I feel like I running down a hall at my high school, lol.

    That photo bomber looks like what happens when I take my dad to races:)


  10. I really like running in the hot sun, vs. the cool winter…but the sunscreen in the eyes is beyond annoying! πŸ™‚
    I’ve been trying to plan my runs so that I finish the last 3-ish miles in 90* weather, because I’m not sure what the weather in Chicago will be this year…MUST be prepared πŸ˜‰
    I hope you have a great weekend ahead of you, keep kicking the heat’s booty!


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