Putting the Tiger Shoes back on- An 8K recap

Thanks so much for the good luck wishes on my last post. The race went very well and it felt like a million bucks to be back on a starting line feeling healthy again. (actually it felt like $45…the cost of registration, ha ha.) EARLY rise yesterday. The Engineer is on a submarine for the weekend so I woke up at 4:30 to have my coffee, get ready, and drop the kids off at a friends house. Friends who volunteer to watch your kids at 5:30 am are lifesavers. I get her kids for a sleepover tonight so I’ll get my payback 😉

Thanks for the shoe choice advice. I chose my beloved “Eye of the Tiger” Shoes.

Before the Run/Walk for the Kids 8K- Norfolk I had my usual: Tons of Coffee, Gatorade, Water, & a Honey Stinger Waffle. For a half or full I will eat more but a larger breakfast before short races leaves me sluggish. Today I ran watchless. No Garmin, no wristwatch, nothing. Not sure if that was a good idea yet or not. I knew I am not in PR shape and I didn’t want to discourage myself. Oh and when I put on my racing flats for the first time in 6 months, it felt SO good. Sounds dramatic but that’s when it hit me that I really am back running again!

Dennis, KLaw, & William

I purposely did not go out too fast, which I am NOTORIOUS for. Guessing around 6:10ish pace based off a friends splits. I am kicking myself for running too conservatively in the middle miles. I had my eye on the second place girl and eased up to stick with her until mile 3 when I realized I had too much left in the tank and took off. I guess for my first race back it was good to shake the rust off but in retrospect I’m happy but not thrilled with my time of 30:42 (6:10) pace. I should have been 30 seconds faster, I should have remembered how much it’s supposed to hurt. I came in as 2nd Female to 2-time Olympic Trials runner Renee High and 14th overall. After chatting with friends, enjoying the awards ceremony (Great awards from Running, Etc. and Road I.D.), and after I snagged two pieces of pizza, we did a cool down with another friend. It was awesome seeing all the new Running, Etc. racing teammates!

Race Results

Clearly my post-race priorities are in order. Ice cream before removing racing flats.

Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend!! I took the rest of Saturday off and am back at the base training today. 16 weeks until my Goal Race so this is just the beginning and I am truly loving it! Happy Father’s Day!!


39 thoughts on “Putting the Tiger Shoes back on- An 8K recap

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  1. Congrats on your return back to the racing world! I love 8ks but you’re completely right, they hurt like hell. Even though you wanted those extra 30 seconds, you still kicked but and your racing mojo will comeback with a vengeance soon enough. This is a great starting point, and it’s only uphill from here!


  2. It takes a while to race like a tiger after time off even with tiger shoes on 🙂 You were close to where you thought you’d be and you met your goal of not going out too fast. Nice job! Great start to hopefully a great season of training!


  3. Awesome!! I especially love your friend who takes your kids at 5:30am–that is true friendship!! Congrats on a great race…and especially on racing pain free!


  4. Looks like a beautiful day and am loving the orange shoes. I am quite a sucker for orange anything. Congrats on running a comfy race!!! Maybe one day that pace will be good to keep me going!


    • You have inspired me as well! Especially in the ftienss department. That\’s my goal for the year to get back on track with working out and get in the best shape of my life. I love your Facebook weigh-ins! 40 is going to be awesome. I\’m jealous you are venturing in before me. LOL. Here\’s to an awesome year! *cheers*


  5. You are such an awesome runner! Congrats! I love the 8k. So much better than 5 🙂

    I’m so happy you blog about HRR…I miss everyone so it’s nice to see what you guys are up to 🙂


  6. YAAAY for the speed shoes you speedy lady!!! awesome race, I’m so excited you are back at it! this summer is going to be great for you!
    keep listening to your body, your doing such an inspiring job of coming back from injury!
    ice cream post hot summer races=pure bliss!


  7. i kno the feeling of happy but not totally ‘happy’ with a race, so i kno sometimes it can get annoying when people start off with a huge congrats…BUT u still ran great and i’m gonna say congrats anyways. 🙂 i’m glad u’re also smart enough to see all the positives of the day…ummm, u still rocked, and ur hungry for next time cuz u kno u can do even more. great job!


  8. Congrats on an awesome race! Coming in 2nd to Renee High – not too shabby! Next time you’ll know you can go harder, but I think you were very smart to stay a little conservative in untested waters! Oh and yeah, gotta love friends who watch our kids so we can race. Last year my two kids had sleepovers at different friends’ houses so my husband and I could do the same triathlon. My friends think we’re NUTS. 😉


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