Friday in the Summer means Race Eve

Friday!! I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend planned. Tomorrow I hop back into racing, which will be my first race back “healthy” in 6 months….yikes! I am thankful to ease back into it at a race with friends and one of my favorite distances at the Run/Walk for the Kids 8K- Norfolk

The only other 8K I’ve run was the Neptune 8K last year before the Chicago Marathon. I ran a a 5:57 pace that day. I am not in that type of shape now as I was peaked for the marathon but I’m hoping for another good day tomorrow. Workouts have been going well. Mileage has been on par for four weeks now. I am doing a very mini taper where I kept my schedule normal then just backed off yesterday and today (day before race). It should be a great start to my summer racing schedule! Here is my race day outfit:

I am not sure which shoes I will wear yet. I prefer the feel of the Nike Streaks but the Lunaracers are softer and safer for my calf. The calf has been pain-free though so how long do I need to stay “safe”? I’ll decide in the morning.

Have a Great Weekend Everyone!! Let me know if you are racing or training so I can wish you luck!


26 thoughts on “Friday in the Summer means Race Eve

  1. Wishing you the best on your race Kris. If it were me I would probably go with the Lunarracers for at least my first couple races back then ease into the lighter flat. Either way run fast and run healthy and Run Happy!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Catholics would do well to not worry about Mr. Vorisโ€™s thoughts on the mtater and instead remember to preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words. And Not a fan of Michael Voris Michael has heard from countless people that their lives have changed, that they have returned to the Catholic Faith or begun to explore it. It’s a daily occurrence.I’m willing to bet that Fr. Z could make the exact same claim, although no one would ever confuse Fr. Z with Michael Voris.And the preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words crowd can make similar claims. So can the followers of Fr. Corapi. Even those who give us the John 3:16 signs in the football end zones have conversion stories to share. Some people respond to the fear of Hell. Others respond to more gentle approaches.The number of ways to draw souls to Christ and His Church are too many to count. What needs to be remembered is that if any one of these successful approaches were rejected out of hand, then their success stories go with them. MAYBE these same souls would convert in response to some other presentation, but why criticize what works AT ALL?So not a fan of Michael Voris, Good for you! You found the Catholic Church through some other effective method of evangelization (in cooperation with grace). And preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words, Good for you, too! That method has won many souls to Christ and His Church.The Voris video was about the need for zeal in Catholic evangelization, not the need to adopt Protestant methods, or even the need to adopt Voris’ own methods. Nothing worthwhile is contributed to this discussion by criticizing any particular messenger’s style. There are EWTN personalities whom *I* don’t respond to as well or enthusiastically as some others do. Is it necessary for me to post that anywhere? They are doing good work for the Church and for souls. They are certainly doing more than *I* can claim to be doing!The absence of zeal within Catholic evangelization ON THE WHOLE is a valid observation. Why does it have to bother anyone that VORIS made this point?


  2. I’m coming back from a left foot stress fracture so just ‘training’ for now. Feeling good and have a 5K as a ‘comeback’ race in Mid-July. Hopefully will be back on track for fall 1/2 marathon. Good luck!


  3. LOVE the racing outfit–it looks perfect for warm weather! Good luck tomorrow–can’t wait to hear about it! I am training for my first 10k on 7/8/12. So far I have walked a 5k and run a 5k, so this is new territory for me! I enjoy reading your blog for inspiration. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • absence of zeal within Catholic etoigelnzavian ON THE WHOLE is a valid observation. Forget zeal, I was told in my Catholic school in the 80s, in one of my daily catechism classes, that we Catholics should no longer evangelize, nor refer to protestants as protestants cause that would hurt them . The sad part is that these are among the few things that I actually remember from those classes (probably cause they dint sound right to me then), apart from the fact that years later I learnt that one of the altar boys in my class, who assisted in innumerable masses at school, was and is protestant (I am not making any of these things up). It took some unexplainable and really heavy duty actual grace to get my completely secularized soul back into the Church.Some souls only need a gentle nudge, a St Therese, to be evangelized, while others need a hammer of heretics, a St Robert Cardinal Bellarmine.for what its worth, I am a big fan of Mr Voris because (and until) he speaks the truth.


  4. I can’t wait to see how you do. Hope it goes well! My next race…hmmm…I was toying with the idea of doing one next weekend (I’m doing an open water swim on Sunday but was looking for something Saturday…)


    • Davide,If this conversation is to conitnue between us on this topic, we need to do it privately. I’ll say only a couple of words. First, you may not have as much formal education as I have and I have had more experience of the Church longer than you have. But I know one thing for sure you are NOT STUPID. You have great natural intelligence and ability. You know, some of the smartest people around often appear to be odd or weird and not fit in conventional boxes.Second, I can not agree with you that my words are only opinions and illustrate merely what I wanted to happen but really didn’t happen.You may posses a simple faith. That is fine and beautiful. I honor and respect you for it. And I am not out to attack you or your faith. I do hope I challenge you to look deeper into the Faith. One of the Church Fathers, defined theology as Faith seeking understanding I guess that’s where I am. I have a deep Faith and, because of the way God made me and with the talents/abilities he gave me, I crave to understand more and better. That does not mean that my way of living the faith is better or worse than yours. It just means we are different. Finally, I know that some attack you personally and attack the Church you love. Some of that criticism, I think, is legitimate, some is not legitimate and can be vicious. You know I have already defended you (although you do not need a defender. You are a big boy [a man] and you are smart.You can take care of yourself) and I will conitnue to stand with you.PS. I leave tomorrow morning (12th) for a six-hour drive to be with my sister and the rest of our family. My sister will have surgery for breast cancer Monday morning and she’s only 42. I will be back on the net Thursday (15th). Take care.


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