Track Fail

 Today’s Workout: A.M.- 6 miles @ 7:15 pace P.M.- 5 miles @ 7:45

Did everyone have an awesome weekend? I was able to spend half the weekend at the beach and half with my amazing sister in D.C. Two friends of ours offered to take us out on their boat and now I’m having boat dreams. Not logical, practical, smartical for us at all……but fun!!

That same evening my favorite running store Running Etc. held a meet and greet for their new Ambassador Team. I LOVED meeting new faces and hearing about all the goals, ideas, etc. the team has for the next year. Any chance I get to talk about running to new friends is a plus for me. Here is a pic of the new group. I am third from the right.

I think they are all smiling thinking “This is the same room where Kris cried tears of pain over a 10 lb. kettle ball…..pathetic!…LOLZ”

 Major track fail last night. I am not talking about blowing intervals I’m talking about I showed up to an EMPTY track. My training group showed up at the correct time… hour after me. Doh!!  There are three running groups in the area (probably more that I am not aware of) and I try to run with all of them on occasion. One group meets at 5:30 another 6:30. Obvs I was mixed up.

Aaaaaaaaand I’m an hour early.   

On the plus side I ended up making conversation with a 59 year old man who is attempting to break the American record for the 800 meters (in his age group). He has to run a 2:08 next year. He has run over 30 marathons and STILL has 800 speed. I was thrilled to hear that. I blame my lack of speed on marathon training and while their is some truth to that maybe there is also some truth to that being a cop out. I’ll be keeping tabs on my new friend and hoping he can give that 800 meter record a go.

I ended up running 5 lonely miles until everyone else showed then completed 3 miles worth of track work with them, 6- 400’s and 4- 200’s totaling 13 for the day. The group did more track work than I did but I ran out of time.

Stephanie Manny & Ryan Caroll knew what time it was!

Happy Training Everyone!!

Any major fails lately?

Does the “Do Not Talk To Strangers!” rule fly out the window at the track for you too?


31 thoughts on “Track Fail

  1. Love the pics! Nothing like being an hour early for a workout! I showed up at a new yoga class today and thought I must have the wrong day as the place was DEAD. But no, I had it right, turned out I was the only student! So I had private instruction which some might love but I hate…too much attention!


    • Oh wow, I get what you mean. During yoga I like to be quiet so it would have been a bit awkward for me to be in a silent calm environment one on one with a stranger, knowing they were watching only me the entire time.


    • I used to run mine alone all the time but now that I’ve started running with a group it is hard to go back. I love running long runs alone though. Come meet us at the track anytime!


  2. There’s a “do not talk to strangers” rule?? I’ve never heard of it, lol!!! I don’t know a stranger, which may get me in trouble someday, but I like people too much, I guess. 🙂

    Love reading your updates!!


  3. ahhh!!! oh man, the epic fail at getting the right time is totally something i would do!! 😛 ugh, well that is pretty cool u met that speedy 59 year old man! sheesh, he’s kick my butt a few times over. 😉 great to hear u had a wonderful weekend, have to say i wish i lived closer to the beach. hehe


  4. Truly, I think there is nothing worse than doing a track workout on your own! I have the hardest time hitting numbers solo.

    Which beach did you go to? Anywhere near DC? I live in Md, mid-way between DC and Balt. We always hit the Jersey shore.


  5. I always talk to strangers! It’s not like we’re kids and this is a guy at the track, gotta make new friends somehow right? Plus his goals are pretty impressive. Sorry you missed out on your group by arriving so early though.


  6. I just blogged about being scared to fail! At least your fail wasn’t a set back lol!

    I am the worst at talking to strangers. People have to tell me to stop when we are out and running races. I should change my name to Cathy so I can be “Chatty Cathy.”


          • Phew! I almost never run with my phone. I have it in a huge waterproof case making it not fun to lug around if I am pocketless. I learned my lesson when my first iPhone met a bottle of water that it didn’t like….so sad.


          • I hate when we have to learn lessons like that the hard way. I destroyed a wonderful set of Bose headphones with water and/or sweat! I normally use my Nano for running but there’s an app on my phone I use for my Wednesday runs! That’s the only time I run with my phone now. Otherwise, my phone is wrapped in a plastic sandwich baggy and tucked in to a pocket of my Fuel Belt!


          • I too observe this as M. Voris notes and as Fr. Thomas dibsreces above. In my experience and from observations and sharing with friends who are Protestant and on fire with Christian charity, one palpable unfortunate difference has come to rest at the sort of encouragement and formation (both, and it takes serious discernment as well) at the community level. Unfortunately in some places the lack of encouragement is not merely a lack or vacuum but due to myriad competing interests warps into active discouragement and pressure. In general a certain type of political organizing takes up space in some parishes that is only interested in its own political organizing and not the salvation Voris speaks of, and this is encouragement and social support network for some chosen few. It does not however work both ways by and large because conservatives do not by and large use the same tactics, albeit may be just as passionate (Fr. Z has mentioned this and others here have referenced this phenomenon as well as other observers of the political scene). But when it comes to salvation first and encouraging each other in zeal Protestants are at this moment in history in a different place and we should not pretend that it is otherwise. At the same time there are a great many coming into the Church who whether baptized Catholic or not somehow bought one or another myth or calumny about the Church or Catholics and realized the truth and for this we should be thankful as they are a great light to many.


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  7. WOW! You ran some awesome mileage that day =)

    My guard definitely goes down when I am around other runners – I’ve actually met some great friends while we were out running…I found I was running into the same few people morning after morning. We all ended striking up convos with each other – it was awesome. I definitely don’t talk to random people when I’m out running but I feel safer when it’s another runner =)


  8. Wow huge props to that gentleman! That’s amazing! I tend to have moments like this a lot hahah I blame my blonde hair. 🙂 A few weeks ago we were going to the Yankees game and I went down on the downtown subway side and was supposed to meet my fiance on the uptown side… it took me 30 minutes before I realized… yeahhh… haha.


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