“Good Job, Good Effort!” -Kid

Happy Friday everyone! I’ve had another great training week. Tomorrow I have a short 1 hour workout planned with some friends which should top me off at 80 miles for the week. I’ll hold steady at that mileage for a few more weeks with one cut back week in there as well before I really start the heavy Twin Cities training. So far so good with ZERO calf tear pain. I am also about to start racing TONS. I am excited about how things are going and I have nothing to complain

Want to know something I am loving lately? Fake Starbucks White Chocolate Mochas. Here is how I make a cheaper, lower sugar, lower calorie, and less caffeine version. Mix the following ingredients (I buy the Ghirardelli mix off Amazon Prime). So easy! I like mine over ice. Plus there is tons of Vitamin D & Calcium in the Almond Milk.
Lara Bar

The Mr. and I have been working our tails off all week so we are ready for the weekend. We have a Friday tradition of pizza & beer on the beach while the kiddos bury us in sand. I am trying to quick finish my Alien: Earth Hive book before the new Prometheus film opens. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!!

Weekend Plans? Friday Traditions?

Are you as Amazon Prime obsessed as I am?

Am I the only geek excited to watch Prometheus? 😉


22 thoughts on ““Good Job, Good Effort!” -Kid

  1. If I can get something with my Amazon Prime – I do it – LOVE! Pizza sounds divine right now. Peter and I usually have a Friday movie date night with buttery popcorn included 🙂


  2. Oh my word, Amazon Prime is the devil for me. I am CONSTANTLY having little packages of stuff. Oh that $.73 wire I need – I’ll prime it! Those great protein bars in bulk – prime it! That said, I started with my son’s food allergies costing me a fortune. I saved SO much buying in bulk there!

    And your beach plans sound amazing!


  3. 80 Miles?! Wow!!! I love your cheater mocha, and I also LOVE Amazon Prime–signing up for that was one of the best things I ever did!! I honestly have no idea what Prometheus is, so I guess I need to Google it…clearly, it’s a movie, right? LOL!


      • Yesterday I heard that there is no life so fulfilling, so jyuoos, so life-giving, as one dedicated to the knowledge and love and service of God and of one’s neighbour. That to follow Christ as poor, chaste, and obedient in the Church was a narrow path that leads to the infinite riches of God.Then Artur, Edmund, Ivon, John, and Santiago pronounced their vows as Jesuits.And 4 men moved into the novitiate to begin their first probation.It was a good day indeed!


      • Drove with my one daughter to our new home in East Texas (a three day trip), got her seltetd in partially unloading boxes, etc., and attended Mass at the little St. Joseph the Worker mission (FSSP Father William Allen). Re-acquainted ourselves with some folks we met after Mass when we were on our property search. We have a wonderful base of friends and helpers already. I flew home to hasten things here for getting back with a disabled daughter, huge white German shepherd and small parrot (Pray for me)- again, driving, so as to get my car back there. The Texas inhabitant was invited for dinner at our new friends’. The husband does remodeling and repairs so we also have HELP! I will miss the glorious St. Stephen’s in Sacramento I repeat but Father Allen is a dear, my daughter is attending Mass regularly, asked me for a chapel veil, and I’m sure, will be making her first confession in many years soon! Deo Gratias.


  4. Amazon Prime is the best invention ever! I also still get the half off student discount (score!) so its an even better deal. Because of Prime I buy everything off Amazon (also because they honestly sell everything and anything under the sun)


  5. I hate irl shopping, so Amazon.de is my best friend 🙂 And Fridays were made for beer (or red wine…) and pizza!

    Am I the only person on the internet who can’t stand almond milk? It has such a bitter aftertaste. Maybe I’m buying the wrong brand.


  6. yay for an 80-mi week, and double-yay for zero pain…that is huge!!
    I am excited for the marathon-training “season” to begin! 🙂
    I hope you’re having a great weekend!


  7. Alien: Earth Hive? This is obviously sci fi. I love sci fi. Tell me MORE! Also, I’m TOTALLY going to try that mocha thingy! I got Matcha on amazon so that I could make my own green tea lattes. I haven’t perfected the recipe yet but I think I’ll be good once I get a milk steamer/frother thingy.

    Looking forward to seeing you race this summer!


  8. Best of luck as your racing heats up – but super glad to hear you’re staying healthy.

    Did you really just give me a faux Starbucks tip?!?! Thank you, jeebus! I will absolutely be trying this.

    And Fri night it’s pizza and wine for us, we order in bc we’re always too tired on Fridays to want to go out.


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