Call Me Maybe

Guess who turns 26 this weekend?? Sadly, not me. I so wish. Running Etc. is celebrating it’s 26th Anniversary. 20% off the entire store this weekend so go stock up on your favorites.

I like routine, I like schedules, I like to do the same dang thing again and again. When someone says “Thursday” I think “Tempo Time!!” Last night I met the usual group (please join our group!! We are fun I promise!) at Mount Trashmore for a 4 mile tempo run. Is Mount Trashmore the weirdest name ever for a gorgeous, recreation center? Yes….yes it is.

We warmed up then the first two miles were at 6:28 and 6:20 pace. I was Garmin-less and hope/think I stuck in that range for the last 2 miles but the speedsters in front of me were clocking 6:00 & sub 6:00 for the last two so my exact pace is an estimate. Am I happy with my pace? Not really. It was a big training week though and it is what it is.

Wednesday (stick with me as I work backwards here) I ran my mid-week medium long run in the morning and by early afternoon it was a STORMY mess outside. I needed 3 miles on the treadmill for my afternoon run. The Mr. was home and sensed my frustration that I JUST wanted to get this short run done so I could not worry about it anymore so he sets the kids up to play and then starts watching the Phillies. I am singing and doing the hand movements to the highly addictive Call Me Maybe Cover (If you have not seen this…you MUST.) when my song is interrupted with a text. This is the culprit:

Seriously?? I step off the treadmill, walk into the living room with every intention of yelling, and then I look at him and burst out laughing. He just thought he was the funniest and most clever thing in the world and was sitting there with a big “I am kidding” grin. (No my husband’s name is not “Steveo/Daddy” but only those who do not have their significant others programmed as cutesy names can judge……maybe you are all judging. I’m okay with that.)

Do you send people texts when they are in the next room? Same room?

Plans or Races for the weekend??

Have a great weekend!! Happy Training!


24 thoughts on “Call Me Maybe

  1. So funny, Did Steveo Daddy get his beer? or did you send him to Mt Trashmore? btw I nominated you for The One Lovely Blog Award.. just wanted you to know that I love reading your words and am completely in awe of you and your running.


  2. Hey! I just met you. This is craaaaazy! I love that song. And oh yes, I am quite guilty of texting my friends/family who are just a couple of feet away 🙂 Plans this weekend includes a last-minute 5k. Someone hold me.


    • I can’t wait to text you in our hotel room at Twin Cities!! I am not sure I’ve every texted anyone in the same room before. You might end up being my first! Good luck at the 5K!! “Someone hold me.” HA!


  3. That is hysterical because my husband would do the exact same thing to me, and I would get it for him! If I get up first with the kids, he is notorious for texting me from bed asking for coffee! Really?!?!
    And I am slightly envious of your super speedy running group. I need one like that. I’m on the hunt. they seem to be elusive;-) Have a great weekend!!!


  4. I’m also guilty of listening to that song! I may also be guilty of repeating it when it comes on my ipod while I’m in the gym.

    No racing for me this weekend, but I am volunteering at a local race called Beat Beethoven. The race has the local symphony and everything, it’s an 8km, and the objective is to finish before they finish playing.


  5. It’s so embarrassing to me that I am a 49-yr old married mom of 4 little kids and I want to ride in that van with those guys …and car-dance to stupid pop songs…of course 😛

    Yes, I do that texting thing to people in the next/same room…not often…but it is kind of fun 🙂


  6. haha…that is a funny one, that sneaky dude! 😉
    i WISH i could join u for those tempo’s but alas until i make enough big $$ to buy that private jet i’ll have to only be thinking of u running extra speedy. hehe. great job, and i kno it stinks having to finish the end of a tempo by urself but way to work it out there!


  7. If you don’t send texts in the same room how you can you get a good snicker in? 😉 Usually the texts I send to people in the same room are, “STOP TEXTING!”. Your hubs sounds hilarious!

    No races here…just a rest day and attempting to roller blade at my doc’s request to build up new muscles. This should be an adventure 🙂 I bought them yesterday and did two laps around the cul-de-sac and my kids were screaming, “YAY!!!! Mommy didn’t fall!”. At least the standard has been set low,,,


  8. I’ve seen Mt. Trashmore many times! My husband still has a hard time believing that’s what it’s called. LOL on the texting. My husband and I sometimes do that to be funny!


  9. Bless a good sale! And hang in there with your times, you’re training smart and we’ll be in your happy zone in no time.

    I admit to texting in the same room when I’m typically making fun of someone in the room — sounds awful to say, lol!


  10. HAHA! I Just spit my water out my nose! You crack me up. Sadly, I have a crap berry and don’t get interrupted funny texts. BOOO on that!

    PS – I wish I could run with you except for I am a SLOW poke. I’m quick only when it comes to food…..that is it.

    Get Up & Go


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