Memorial Day Weekend

I hope everyone had a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend! I had big plans to race the Elizabeth River Run 10K but family stuff popped up and within a few hours of the news we were packed and heading north for a 6 hour drive/ferry trip. Family comes first always! We literally made the ferry boat by 4 minutes. I was sweating bullets in the car boarding line.

Note to Future Self: Do not wear a sundress on a windy ferry boat ride! You will spend half the trip trying to prevent a Marilyn moment.

Saturday morning we woke up and there was a Triathlon going on right outside our front door. Am I the only one who feels guilty seeing people work out when I’m in my pajamas and sipping coffee? 😉 So I headed out for an easy 14 miles. No watch, No Garmin, No music….but lots of fun Jersey Shore entertainment. I’m not sure if the partiers were rallying from the night before or getting started for Saturday night?! I had lots to look & laugh at and even got a bunch of fist pumps, ha!

Sunday ended up being an unplanned rest day. We were driving in the car for 9 hours (detoured to visit more family). I never sit for 9 hours….ever! My legs were rested and happy for the track workout I would do the following morning. I met some friends and since it was a holiday we had to do this:

Loving that sky! Not loving scaling a fence in boy shorts!

The workout planned was 4×400, 4×300 and 6×200. After climbing the pictured fence we warmed up for 2 miles then went right to work. I wore my trainers not my “fast” shoes. Once again the group was amazing! Once again I was the slowest one there! LOL. I’m keeping at it though. No bullet train here, I’m a steady freight train distance runner and I’ll be ready on marathon morning. My 400’s were all at 75, 300’s at 56, 200’s at 35 which is perfect for what I am aiming for (Sub 2:49). The rest of the guys & gal were faster.

I was very happy that I never slowed up at the tail end of the workout. It has been ingrained in my mind that you must NEVER run the tail end of a workout at a slower pace than the first intervals. We did a cool down adding up to 9 miles total, then later in the day I did a shake out run making 12 miles for the day followed by another bucket full of ice for my legs. Shake outs the evening after a track session are a favorite of mine. I’m a Lydiard believing girl so in my eyes even 15 minutes makes a difference.

Did you have fun this past weekend? Did you get a chance to work out? Shake outs for you or are cool downs enough? What is the shortest run you will go for? Happy Training Everyone!


34 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend

  1. Boo for missing you at the race this weekend! But that photo is absolutely gorgeous! I’m glad you had such a good time with your family as well. It sounds great!

    My weekend I did the ERR then headed straight over to Charlottesville. It was nice to just relax. 🙂


  2. Sounds like a great weekend except for the pinning your dress down part.. hee hee.. I’m sure no one minded. You are such an amazing runner, so fun to read about what you do.


  3. Cannot imagine how fast the company you keep is if you are the slowest at a 75-second quarter! I love shake out runs also–so effective.

    What part of Jersey shore? We go to Avalon every summer–love it!


    • The other runners in my groups are such show offs! lol, just kidding. We go to Sea Isle. I grew up in Pennsylvania not New Jersey so I’m not really sure where Avalon is but I know I’ve heard of it. The Shore is so fun!


  4. I hope all is well with the family – and yes it always comes first!!! Your post is making me want to run real bad – but I think I have a punched nerve in my foot and am trying to nurse it for 2 races this week. Yikes!

    Beautful sundress (and I make the wind/dress mistake all the time).


  5. Love the sundress! Sounds like you had a good track workout. I wish I could say I have never run the tail end of a workout slower, but it happens from time to time. Those workouts are automatically marked as bad workouts even if the times were at or close to my goal times.


  6. Great photo– you look lovely! As for short runs, the shortest I will do is 4 miles. The car ride sounds tough- but at least you have running to get those legs moving!


  7. Nothing wrong with channeling your inner Marilyn 🙂 This sounds like a great weekend! Man, I miss running on the track.

    Thanks for reading my blog – I wouldn’t ahve found yours otherwise, and I’m really enjoying it!


  8. Glad you prevented a Marilyn moment, but thanks for the advice on what to wear on a boat :). Usually the shortest run I do is 3 miles unless something happens and I start to feel bad or something, I don’t really run long distances though and can’t even imagine an easy 14 miler! Glad you had a great Memorial Day weekend!


  9. I always feel guilty when I see others running or biking…even when I have already done my workout for the day… I have not run a negative split that I know of…will have to see how I do now I have a Garmin… We had great weather here!!


      • I know you probably felt jerky saying it, but I think it’s great – it’s a testament to what your body can build up to! I remember running 12 miles and practically wanting to nap afterward *okay often actually doing it or at least going to bed really early after* But now I’m at the point where I’m on mile 5 t Disney in the evening wondering why I’m a little tired and it’s because I did a long run in the morning.

        You’re a great motivator for others to stay on it, be diligent and feel the results!


  10. As you know, I hit it hard in TX this weekend and it was awesome! I can’t seem to run anything less than 2 miles or 20 minutes-if I ride my bike I have a minimum half hour.

    Way to nail that workout and good luck at your next race:)


  11. Ferrys are always fun! Love that color on ya.

    Yes, I totally feel guilty watching a race go by. Who’s competitive?:)

    Great workouts and I’m glad you mentioned shake runs. I’m a big believer, I actually never really cool down. Shame, shame, I know….


  12. Flashback to my Seattle ferry ride 2 summers ago…in a short dress…um—commando style. Made for some very nervous movement.

    Yeah, your track buddies are insane. If you want to do some 400’s with me, you will be the fastest by a long shot! zooooooom

    I’m so excited to follow your journey to a 2:49


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