Rest Day/ Work Day

How was everyones weekend? Mine was a great one. Saturday was my scheduled shake out run. I ended up doing 5 to round last week out with 80 even miles. We had plans for Saturday morning so in the afternoon I headed to one of my favorite new running spots. It is a half mile paved bike path loop surrounding a huge grass field and playground. It is PERFECT for me. I took the boys and I could keep an eye on them the entire time. They safely rode bikes next to me or played on the playground. This path is going to be a life-saver come summertime for me. I won’t feel tied down to the treadmill on days when the Mr. is traveling.

Sunday the weather was grey and misty, not like gorgeous Saturday. It was a reminder that fun time is over and work day is here. Early in the morning I met Renee and Dennis at the trails. They are both MUCH speedier than I so I come prepared. I was hydrated, well rested, and Coffeed Up! We did 13 miles total starting with a 10 mile run and ending the last three miles at 6:40, 6:30, 6:15. Followed that with 3 miles of 10×200 and 90 seconds recovery. I’ll be honest, we did the first 200 and I eased up thinking we would walk the recovery because the 200’s were quick! Not those two. They had us running low 7 minute pace for the “recovery” and while I adore them both I was secretly cursing Dennis & Renee for being WAY ahead of me. I love it though, they push me every time, so I run with them and the other Virginia Beach runners every chance I can. When we finished I was amped. If this is the start of training then imagine what the summer will be like. I’m thrilled just thinking of it. After the workout I drank my chocolate milk, filled up on a healthy brunch, and stretched. Later that day I took an ice bath….which is my goal for the week….to stick my calf in a bucket of ice daily. I know…my goals are so WILD. Do you have a wild goal for the week??

Happy Monday and Happy Training!


27 thoughts on “Rest Day/ Work Day

  1. Haha I have ice bath goals too, don’t worry you aren’t alone! I didn’t get to ice bath this weekend so I have to make sure I do it several times this week. I really love them!

    Low 7 minute miles for recovery?!! What?! I couldn’t even run that as my normal pace, I think my injury-prone body would fall apart. Awesome job!


  2. What great training! It’s so nice to be in great shape in May, b/c like you said–come later this summer you’re going to be unstoppable! Good job.


  3. 80 MILES…oh my goodness, seriously your blog always inspires me. I LOVE IT!! Great way to end the 13 miler:)


  4. I don’t know where to start, you are such an inspiration. And look amazing on top! Kudos to the 80 first, and second you’re crushing your pace – keep it up. Focus that frustration to your feet:) That’s what I do when the hus is flying by me.


  5. That’s so inspiring especially those paces- I’m lucky to do 8 minute miles, but anyway. Just getting out there is enough sometimes. I’ve done a few ice baths and it is painful and dreadful! I don’t know how you deal with it- but it really does work, I will give it that. My wild goal is to run 4x this week!


  6. Sounds like a great workout!! I would so love to have people to run/train with, especially faster people. It would be fun to have someone to push me. Great run (and fun pics!) You are going to be killing it this summer! 🙂


  7. That was a great workout and you did great! Being able to hold those paces after a long down time with an injury and this early in the season = AWESOME! You got to show a couple of us that cool running looks like a great place to do some tempo and intervals.


  8. i have not only icing goals but stretching goals, why is it i have no problem dedicating to running but getting me to stretch seems like pulling teeth!! 😉 great job on those weekend workouts m’dear and power to having speedy training partners to help pull us along. i always love having some people to chase and make me work. here’s to getting that ice bath, right! 😉


  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving comments! I’m glad that you found it, because it led me here!

    You are ripped! Awesome!!!!


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