How do you log?

20 weeks until my goal race of the year and I must say that this is my favorite time of training. I LOVE Base training. My philosophy for the next 4 weeks is to get my feet to the ground in a healthy, no pressure, non over-analytical, fun, the-way-running-should-be way. Since I am returning from injury I am holding off on speed just yet but I will slowly reintroduce tempos and mild speed sessions into the mix of this training block like the doctor suggested.

Β  Β Sunday- 13.1 miles on the trails, 10 of which were with Thomas Hicks
Monday- A.M.- 10 miles P.M.-2 miles (was planning on more but this was a hot mess)
Tuesday- A.M.- 5 miles P.M.- 8 miles.
Wednesday- A.M.- 10 with 8, 800’s @ half marathon pace thrown in. P.M.-5 easy
Thursday- 12 easy.
Friday- 10 miles with pickups
Saturday- 4 mile shake out (this is the plan…not complete yet)

Now that I am self-coached I no longer log my workouts online. I use the super high tech pencil/paper route and I like it that way. I print out a form like this one for every training cycle and watch the weeks fill up day by day. It’s easy breezy and I’ll never lose another training cycle log again…ahem..not like I would ever do something like that. πŸ˜‰


The Monday after Mother’s Day I was slogging home from a short run and opened my mailbox to surprisingly find this. My eyes bugged out of my noggin. I thought for sure it was a late Mother’s Day present from family but it was a present from the kind people of Larabar. So very nice of them! Thank you Larabar! The bag was in a cute mailing box but I’m hiding my address.
Lara Bar

Larabars are gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free. I am not opposed to gluten or dairy but I am allergic to soy. Soy seems to leak into every health bar on the market so Larabars are one of my go to snacks. They are unprocessed, un-sweetened, natural ingredients.
Lara Bar

Lara sent me the original flavors and also their brand new Uber-Larabars:

Apple Turnover, Bananas Foster, Cherry Cobbler, & Roasted Nut Roll. They only lasted two days in our house, they are that yummy! Run out and get yourself some!

How do you log your workouts? Are you on dailymile?

I am not on dailymile. I was but had a difficult time keeping up with it. Maybe I’ll hop back on sometime.

Weekend Plans?

T-Ball & Beach time here sprinkled with lots of runs.

(Larabar does not sponsor me in any way, did not ask me to say nice things, and did not make me promise to give them my fourth child. They simply sent me a gift out of the kindness of their healthy hearts and I am one grateful chica. Thank you Larabar! )


27 thoughts on “How do you log?

  1. “gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free. ”

    I got so excited. And then I saw they had nuts…. I’m no gluten, no dairy, no soy, no nuts…

    I have discovered three bars that do meet that criteria. They’re called “apples, bananas, and hard boiled eggs.”


  2. I was so happy to see your post! I was so tired this morning and needed some Krispiration but settled for other awesome running blogs. But once I settled down with a recovery snack, there you were!

    I use this old running log of my boyfriend’s he found and gave to me. He said he started it like ten times but never followed through, but I use it everyday! It has a space for my pulse and my weight, too, so I can tell if I’m over training or dehydrated.

    And jealous of your Larabar stash. Jeaaaalous.


  3. Hmmmm training logs oh, where do I begin Kris. I was initially logging my runs on the Runner’s World log, then it was Flotrack, then daily mile for a brief time then for the last two years I had been using Running Ahead and loved it!!! The cool thing about it was that it was compatible with Blogger but for some reason I can’t get it to work with WordPress so now I’m logging all my runs on Garmin Connect. That’s a nice little score you landed with Larabar. Hammer Nutrition is very generous like that too. When I placed my first order they sent me free samples of nearly the entire line of products as a thank you. I wish there were more companies like that around.


  4. I started with dailymile, then went to running ahead and I’m now on tribesports. I log everything on Tribesports and all my runs on dailymile. However I still use a spreadsheet for my self made training plans and recording my feedback on how it went.


  5. I use DailyMile, I just like it and it’s easier there. I don’t trust myself to write it down with paper, and I’m always online and in front of a computer, working at a tech company and all, that it just makes sense. I’m not a fan of how DM rounds things up and down, though. I like Larabars a lot, it’s great that they sent you a cute bag and lots of neat samples.


  6. I don’t log my workouts, even though I KNOW I should. The only time I ever did was when I had a coach, years ago and had to turn things into him. Slacker that I am!

    You are putting in some great miles as you come back!


  7. I log my workouts/run on Daily Mile and in a planner. I find it’s very helpful to refer back to history. I log it on Daily Mile for the quick easy access, and to share with my friends on FB, and I like the planner because it’s private for me – I write more detailed information that only I will appreciate!

    Congrats on the fun, surprise gift from Larabar!! My daughter and I taste tested some at Sprouts the other day and found we really liked them!


  8. I use daily mile and sometimes write them down. I just bought a Garmin 405, an am using Garmin connect. I have considered using the Garmin info an putting it in a journal. Some how I like the paper trail, makes it seem more real!
    I lOVE Larabars! I avoid wheat ( except on pizza night) and avoid soy… These are a great source of carbs for me!


  9. I’d love to get delicious bars in my mailbox! They looks so good, I must buy them!

    Also, I’m the same way with my training schedules. I prefer to print them out and hand write in everything. Call me old fashioned!


  10. I also use running ahead. Just started this year with it. Before I always just logged on my paper calendar/planner. I like that it keeps weekly/monthly/yearly tally of miles and a fun bar graph with different colors for different types of runs (easy, speed work, race, etc)


  11. haha…i thought i was the only one now a-days with a blog/site but still rock my old school pen and paper training log!! i have not a single online tracker thing in that area and i think a part of it is because it feels ‘different’ to be able to write it in my little book at the end of the day, and i like it. πŸ™‚ also, base phase is my fav. phase mostly cuz i’m a miles grubber, love it! πŸ™‚


  12. I love base training as well and am in this cycle as well. So glad because this move to CA. might kill me and I really have been needing the long easy runs. I us my Garmin software to track all of workouts but use daily mile as well. Yes, it is a bit much to keep up with. The Larabars look yummy, will have to give them a try. Have a great weekend with beach and ballgames. xo


  13. I was using runners world to log my runs, but then I went away on a course and didn’t have internet access. Now I use a log book, but I sometimes forget to update it, I think I need an app on my phone.


  14. Is the Twin Cities Marathon the big one for you??? I’m so excited about that, just because I’m from Minneapolis! Is that ridiculous? I hope that its a wonderful race for you!!!


  15. I love iMapMyRun. I usually transfer it to DailyMile because I like the reports it shows. I mean, anything that tells you how many donuts you burned for the year is fabulous πŸ™‚


  16. I am on dailymile. I like the social aspect of it. I normally take random breaks though and also log my workouts on pen and paper. I like that method the best but use dailymile as more of a social aspect. πŸ˜‰

    I also love base training…as to why I barely ever do speed workouts ha!


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