Hips Don’t Lie..

Remember that class I took Core Strength for Runners that I talked about Here I’ve been keeping up my own mini version at home when I can’t attend the class and I can really feel the difference in my hips and arms now. Loving….the….results. Today I did a 10 mile progression run and my hips were feeling strong the entire time. Usually I can feel some tightness holding me back when I hit my endurance level.

I won’t lie the average pace for the progression run was womp-womp compared to where I was a few months ago but I’m getting there. I’ve had ZERO pain. This combo followed the run:

With how the calf tear and bone bruise are healing I’m feeling confident I’ll be able to run the 10K in a few weeks. I honestly cannot even remember the last 10K I have done. It’s been years!

Now I am off to Running Etc. to try on new sunglasses because some meanie stole my Oakleys out of my car. Stealing a Virginia Beach runners sunglasses in just plain CRUEL. Whoever stole them gets to wear hundreds of miles of gross sweat. Have fun with that!


35 thoughts on “Hips Don’t Lie..

  1. I get an achy feeling in my hips when running fast for over 8 miles. I struggle with fitting in strengthening exercises, though. Do you think you’ll continue them when your mileage gets back up?


    • Yes I will. I regret slacking on “the extras” like strength & stretching in the past as my mileage got higher and took up more time but I am trying to keep it up this training cycle to see if/how it helps.


  2. After my marathon or maybe it was during I experienced a wonky hip issue.. that or groin, haven’t completely decided! haha Anyway… I take a core class at my gym that seems to help it a little. I’m hoping your issue is resolved soon!


  3. Yeah, I don’t think anyone would want to steal anything I’ve ever worn when running. Sorry someone took your sunglasses like that, especially since they’re so pricey.

    My hips were hurting really bad when I was doing longer distances earlier this year, but doing yoga has really helped them. I think I have a stronger core from that too.

    Good luck with 10K training and the 10K!


  4. Nice to hear that things are coming along nicely for you Kris!! I should probably do some strength training for my hips too. I never felt anything with them before but no that I’m doing marathon-based training I actually notice that I have that thing called hips because the occasional soreness ha! 🙂 Keep up the impressive comeback!!

    P.S. I’ve not raced a 10k yet but I’m looking to check that one off my list in October.

    Run Happy!!! 🙂


  5. Great news! I am still waiting for my ab. strength to come back and hopeing after it does my hips start feeling better and better! Keept it up, Kris!


  6. Bummer about the sunglasses!!! That’s just rotten. Yay for the good 10 miler though!! I am running a 10k on Saturday and have only ever done 1 before. It’s a small race, but my time probably won’t be too impressive since I had a tough workout today and a fast 18 miler tomorrow. Good luck!


  7. sorry about those glasses…I hope they wear them on a cloudy day and fall in ditch in addition to the sweat. Good luck on your 10K, knock em dead lady!


  8. That really does suck about the sunglasses! Karma will get them.

    Glad you are feeling better and ready to roll at a 10k. I think that’s a dying distance, making it hard to find anymore. Enjoy it!


    • Ask for your doctor to get and MRI of your back maybe a Tarlov Cyst there which etfcefs your hips then your legs 24/7 I’m in wheelchair now over it and searching for real help and i’m 38 alot of doctor dont’ know about them, believe me you will need a very caring doctor to help you with it cause as far as i’ve found out there is only 2 doctors that will do surgery and the only reason why is because they actually know what pain it causes they’ve had and family has it. But my luck there out of state. good luck and MERRY CHRISTMAS


  9. I take a core strength class once a week and am way stronger for it…although methinks I should probably do it more than once a week, that way I wouldn’t get my butt kicked each time! Good luck at the 10K!


  10. 1) Shakira was in my head all day. 2) You’ve shamed me into getting back into yoga/X-training. My hips lie. And steal. And cheat. They’re really awful.


  11. Calf tear sounds absolutely awful, but glad you are on the strong road to recovery. 10K’s are def one of my favorite distances!

    Oh trust me, karma is coming to the sunglass thief!


  12. Glad you are recovering, that’s fantastic! I am trying to do more core work because I am really weak in that area (as evidence by my infamously poor balance). I’d love to find a class specifically for runner that would be great!

    I can’t believe someone stole your shades right out of your car! Honestly I’d love to know what goes on in peoples heads sometimes.


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