My Training Journal in Pics- April Round up.

Thank you all SO very much for the kind advice & support on my last post. I appreciate it more than you know and hope I can return the same back. It is always a little intimidating to put yourself out there and wonder if you will get nothing but dead air, so positive responses (and even not positive ones) are amazing to me. Here’s my photo recap for the month of April: lots of cross training and lots of smiles. Happy Training Everyone!!


28 thoughts on “My Training Journal in Pics- April Round up.

  1. Hey hey have just started reading your blog after you posted on mine! Good luck with the return to running (always scary but sounds like you’re being sensible). Enjoyed the Eugene Marathon “what not to do” recap. I spent the entire 26.2 of Shamrock marathon peeing because I wouldn’t stop for the bathroom and was apparently well hydrated…


  2. I did not know you ran Cherry Blossom.. I would have LOVED to have met you, I think you are an amazing runner, blogger and fellow military family… foot stomp and brow furrow. next time.. 😦


  3. I know cross training all too well. It’s better to be safe than sorry though! I spy an ice bucket. I actually love ice baths. I mean they feel terrible but they make me feel so intense.


  4. I loved seeing the month of April in pictures! I also read your “about” and your goal for 2016. You are talented and it is awesome that you have set your sights high. I think it is smart that you are staying conservative with your longterm goal in mind. I don’t have any races planned after June 3rd. I need to start putting together a race schedule for summer and fall. Depending on how the half marathon goes next month I am considering trying a full. Just to say I survived it 🙂 the more I think about it the longer it sounds.


    • Thank you so much!! I like serting goals that scare me to death 🙂 Good luck at your half! I think you should try a full sometime. You might fall in love with them like I have.


  5. You are absolutely adorable. Lots of miles and lots of cross-training, sounds like my idea of heaven:) Can I have your bright pink tights? SO CUTE. PS Loved reading about your Eugene marathon mistakes not because you had mistakes but I love learning from you! does that make sense?


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