Back in Black……and White

First week back in training. This week I’ll hit 28 miles running and mad hours of cross training. I am still moving forward with trepidation with my calf and as the weeks go by my cross training hours will lessen as my mileage ramps up.

Sunday: 2 miles to meet the family out and about then 2 miles home. Believe me they LOVED honking at me as they passed on the way home. Nothing monumental but after 3 months of calf pain running in the warm rain felt like….well…..monumental.

Monday: 60 minutes bike, 60 minutes aqua-jogging. Thrilled to have figured out that I can attach my ishuffle to my goggles and listen to music.

Tuesday: 5 mile run Garmin-less, Watch-less, Music-less, Friend-less.

Wednesday: 7 miles @ 7:35 pace, 60 easy minutes on the bike.

Thursday: 30 minutes Core Work, Two hours of a total sweat drenching, heart pounding spinfest. I’m not supposed to be shirt-less because it is a military gym but it was 95 degrees, my shirt was SOAKED, and let’s be real…the sailors weren’t complaining.

Friday: 6 miles real easy. This was supposed to be real easy but turned into real “Omg, I’m sore from the bike”.

Saturday: I decided I will jump in this little number:

It is in my neighborhood so I can’t resist hanging out with all the families and friends I love. I will run a little warm up and focus on running steady on tired legs…no goal pace in mind. I do NOT want to run too fast and tear my calf again. Still healing my baby calf as if it was a real baby calf.

Injuring myself again is a big concern of mine. How am I ever going to return to speed? The intensity is what caused the tear in the first place. I don’t want to say I am scared to run fast again but I am definitely nervous and hesitant. This site is my training journal so I won’t hide those feelings.

Honestly I’m happy with Week #1 “Back in Black & White”.

23 Weeks until the Twin Cities Marathon.

Anyone else have their Fall Races chosen yet? What/Where/When?

If you’ve been injured, how did you get over that fear of Re-injury?


34 thoughts on “Back in Black……and White

    • No Steve, the aqua-jogging is not difficult at all. That’s the problem, lol. It’s great for working on form but I have a hard time getting my heart rate up. I’m keeping up the aqua jogging fora few more weeks but I’ll be thrilled to give it up by then. See you in the morning!


    • It had been bother me after the Chicago Marathon last Fall but what really tore it was a 50K I ran in December. I couldn’t walk for days afterwards but the pain was so deep that I ignored it for months…don’t ever do that!! I regret not taking the entire month of January off.


  1. Kris, I love reading your blog posts…Way to stay conservative with the running and not over do it just yet. I know what you mean about “being scared of speed”! After an injury, it is normal to be reluctant about picking up the paces again. But, you are doing all the right things to get stronger so that the injury doesn’t re-occur. Just remember, once you are healed and back on the miles, dont’ neglect the strength and x-training…still save some time for the aqua jogging will be a stronger runner for all the non-running workouts as well. Glad you are coming back, we’ve missed having you out there with us.


    • Thank you so very much! I will be keeping up the strength and cross training. I plan on swimming and biking all summer long. Can’t wait to be back training with everyone again too!


  2. Kris, I love reading your blog posts…Way to stay conservative with the running and not over do it just yet. I know what you mean about “being scared of speed”! After an injury, it is normal to be reluctant about picking up the paces again. But, you are doing all the right things to get stronger so that the injury doesn’t re-occur. Just remember, once you are healed and back on the miles, dont’ neglect the strength and x-training…still save some time for the aqua jogging will be a stronger runner for all the non-running workouts as well. Glad you are coming back, we’ve missed having you out there with us.


  3. Nice open and honest post Kris. So happy to see you are starting to hit the bricks again! 🙂 As far as my fall/winter racing plans go I’m eyeing the Susan Komen 10k in October then either another Susan Komen event in January or possibly the St. Beach Classic 1/2 Marathon as a tune up to my … dun … dun … dun! marathon debut. I’m also debating on a local 5k in June. As far as the returning from injury question, fortunately I have not had anything like your issue but I have battled with plantar pain which last year got so bad that I lost the entire winter and spring of racing. I followed a simliar plan in coming back and those fears to open up the legs and run fast will pass. I know for me it took a few months to get over the fear but I did get there. Keep up the good work! 23 weeks is plenty of time to get your speed back. 🙂


    • You are right, I have plenty of time. I didn’t realize your injury took you out for so long last year. You came back stronger than ever so that gives me hope. Very excited to keep up with your summer and marathon training!


  4. I’m so happy for you! When I overcame my stress fracture, I took it one day at a time. I just kind of let my life fall into place and didn’t worry about time, pace or anything (and actually still don’t really). It helped that I didn’t have any races for a very long time afterwords. When I tore my knee tendon in January, I then broke my arm…so I didn’t have to worry about reinjuring myself because I took a lot of time off from running.

    I’m so happy to hear you are running again (and injury free to boot!).


  5. Glad to see you are running again! I’d love to know how to get over that re-injury fear. Pretty soon I’ll be running again and I’m SO scared! First, I hope my injury recovered completely and second I don’t want to re-injure it. I’m glad you are having success though, it gives me some hope 🙂


  6. I am glad you are being able to run more and that your calf is healing up. You are smart to “baby” it and be careful, although as long as it is feeling good, don’t let your head overthink things and stress you out. Good luck in the 5k! You are so fast. 🙂


  7. Kris, I hope all goes well for you. I understand being timid about going fast. As a 44 year old, every injury has come when I try to get faster. So frustrating! I don’t feel old! Not easy for me to come to terms with the fact that I may be heading down hill from here.
    My fall marathon is the Malibu International Marathon Nov. 11. We are rolling in June… so we will be West Coasters in a few months… my sailor will be at Pt. Hueneme and we will make this last move as he retires in two years.


    • Yes! I feel like I can run 8:30 pace from sun up to sun down but when I try any sort of speed work I end up with every ache and pain. I’m hoping I can change that though with some strength work, core strength, etc. When I was running fast 5K times when I was younger I was doing lots of strength 3 times a week. I wish I had never stopped that.

      By the way I have to say that you like you are in your twenties!!!! Good Luck in the move. Knowing you only have two years left until retirement has got to feel GREAT! Malibu International sounds like one I would love.


  8. Congrats on an awesome week back at it. I am terrified of taking time off to really let my tight calf heal completely, so I have no idea how to bounce back from injury. Like @runwiki commented, I think my injury is related to speed and I’m having trouble slowing down. I wish I had access to a pool to do some aqua running like you were able to do. It definitely looks like you did everything right! Enjoy your neighborhood run.


    • Thank you! Are we bad calf twins? Do you have access to a bike? I ended up buying a cheap one off craigslist? It would aggravate my calf if I had a high setting but on the lower ones it worked really well. Good luck!! Hope it heals completely soon!


  9. Great 1st week back!! I understand your worry about re-injury, but just remember all the things you learned while healing (the importance of x-training, stretching, listening to pain at first ache) those things will help you prevent re-tearing! the speed will come with time…it might take another 3-weeks, but getting there strong and healthy is so so so worth it! listen to your awesome body, it’s smart and WILL tell you what it needs!
    good luck! I am cheering for you no matter what mile split you run…although I know you will be back in the 6’s soon!


  10. Yay! I’m glad you got to run, AND I’m from Minneapolis, so I’m happy you are running the Twin Cities Marathon! Sometimes I think I should head back there to do a race, because that city still has my heart!


  11. I’m fortunate, I’ve only experienced 1 mild hip injury, but it did change my training before Boston 2010. Out of my fear of re-injury, I trained very conservative in trying to be sure to get to the starting line. It worked. (after Boston, I took the month off to let the injury heal completely) When I started back, after the rest, I was healed, but still had some fear. It took me a while to get past that, but I think the time helps. I no longer have the fear of injury, but I maintain some cross training – strength work (supreme 90 day type stuff – it’s like p90x) and yoga. I totally believe in yoga for runners. I do 1 x per wk, but it keeps me running injury free. (of course, I would benefit more, with more yoga) I also follow the 10% rule (+ or -) when rebuilding my mileage.

    I’m just about settled on the Top of Utah 26.2, in September. (but first, 2 more wks of rest)
    good luck with the recovery/training


    • I hear that is a GREAT race. Supposedly very beautiful and very fast….my favorite combo! Thanks for the injury info….I am indeed going to take it very slow. Yoga is fantastic and I try to make that when I can.


  12. Welcome back to running. Good for you to be so smart about recovery. It’s tough waiting it out but it works out the best in the end.
    As for Fall races, I registered for 2 marathons, 3 weeks apart but only because I didn’t want to get shut out. Still not 100% commited to running either one. I figure I’ll get my running legs back after a week or so of taking it easy. We go to McMillans Running camp in another week. That should get me excited to run again 🙂
    Take care – No More Injuries 🙂


  13. Yes, I am running the Columbus Marathon in October. So excited- my first!

    I got injured training for the half I’m running this weekend and I was scared, but I just told myself to take it easy. I have the rest of my life to run, and I want to keep it that way by being cautious and taking my time to heal!


  14. Way to get back in to things slowly! I am no where near as speedy as you, but I have had injuries that had me out for a few months and I was afraid of speedy runs. I just eased in to it. I bet you will get there really quickly!!!


  15. awesome week of training and don’t start worrying about the fitness/speed/running sharpness yet, that will all come in time. focus on today, this week, and gradually getting back to the running. be smart, don’t rush it, and kno that u will get right back out there. u’ve been diligent with that cross-training and it will pay off. 🙂


  16. Those pics are great, looking fierce!

    I need to get my booty on board for fall, dreading hot summer training, lol. I like your focus and I think you can only worry about the present. Listen to your body and you’ll be aces:)


  17. Thank you for the kind comments on my blog 🙂 I must also say that your pics are wonderful too! Your April photo recap is brilliant.

    Gosh, Ive been so worried that this darn hip flexor would come back and sideline me for more time- after one month back running, I can still feel it lingering on which is frustrating. I suppose the main confidence builder is each week I’ll push one workout a littler harder to see if anything bad happens.. Thank god it never seems to get worse but mainly feels better.

    Hope you can get beyond the calf injury and not worry about it anymore. Injuries are so awful!


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