Off the Deep End…..again.

Friday’s Workout: 70 Minutes Hard on Bike, 60 minutes Aqua Jogging, 30 minutes to shake the rust off Free Style Swimming. The Bike was a sweatfest. The Aqua jogging went by lightening fast because I had two friends to chat with. Without friends to aqua jog with I am literally and mentally off the deep end. Swimming ended up being cut short as I got bumped from a lane. A solid cross training/broken marathoner day.

This weekend I get to be course marshall for two kids mile races. Running and children are two of my favorite things so you can imagine how amped I am. I may have been a wee bit overly enthusiastic when we had to ask for our preferred jobs. Turns out most moms and dads wanted to make sandwiches and hand out medals so Course Marshall I am, along with a few others 🙂

I promise not to lead the kids that aren’t mine the wrong way.

Virginia Beach area friends: If you want to volunteer with me on Sunday shoot me a message. Can you really turn down Free Subway and cute kids running??

Go check out Hollie’s website She is a Virginia Beach girl who I adore. She gave me some love on her site that surprised me and made my week. While you are there tell her to graduate already so she can move back and train with me. This specifically always brings me to tears laughing and I always like to leave you with something to smile about so if you have an extra two minutes check it out:

7 thoughts on “Off the Deep End…..again.

  1. I actually used to put protein powder in things too (as shown in my video) but stopped two weeks after that. I do agree though-I don’t think I needed as much protein as my body was getting from that.

    Looks like a solid week of training to me! I think Aqua jogging is the most boring thing without friends.

    Have fun volunteering! I love seeing the kids races, always so much fun. 😛


  2. You are going to have so much fun at the kid’s race! I coach 7 and 8 year-old distance runners a few nights a week and their track meets on Saturdays. It is the highlight of my week and successfully gets my mind off of my own training.
    About the protein powder, I use it everyday. I wonder if I should stop as well? Did you have symptoms like feeling heavy when running?
    Anyway, have a great time and congrats on your totally hard core cross training!


    • Nope, I just thought I might be overdosing it a bit since I do eat protein rich meals. Then my doctor said that the body does not absorb the protein powders properly like it would from protein rich foods so that sealed the deal for me.

      I didn’t even know they had track meets for 7 & 8 year olds. That is awesome!! My kids are just under that age. I’ll have to see if they have that available anywhere around here. You must have incredible patience 😉


  3. I’ve volunteered for a lot of different races before. Small local walks, huge 100 mile championship runs, nothing child oriented though. Mostly because when you don’t have children in your life you don’t know where the child happenings are I suppose. Hope you have a great time!


    • Julie- I would LOVE to volunteer for a 100 miler or other Ultra. It’s on my bucket list of things to do in the next year. I imagine organizing the timing, food, and cheering sections for hours is fun!


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