Another Day Another $ Paid To Race Entries

  Feeling confident enough in my calf to send out these race forms. I covered my already written address with the envelope. They are all for close to summer time-wise so don’t worry I’m not pushing things, just optimistically hopeful. For those with super sight, the top is a volunteer form. I’m not running a race that soon! I know I’d get a lecturing email from an old coach or two 😉


Today’s Workout: 90 Minutes Bike Trainer, 60 minutes Pool Swimming, Lots of Stretching, Core, and Rehab work.

Leaving you with one of my favorite Boston 2012 race pics that was Josh Cox twitter shared. Is there anything better than clever humor while you are in brutal agonizing pain?? Nope. Defer Sign Racer…you made my Boston 2012 Twitter Feed.



7 thoughts on “Another Day Another $ Paid To Race Entries

  1. First of all-you look super cute!

    Second of all-What races are you doing?! I can’t take summer races seriously in VA (nevermind that I had to sit out 95% of them last year) because it’s so damn hot. I think they are more full orientated anyways! 🙂


  2. The Striders Summer Series & Rock & Roll Half for sure. You should be back for those right? The Summer Series is brutal hot b/c they are early evening I believe but it’s good Fall Marathon training.


  3. Wow you are fast!! What happened to your calf?? I am nursing a sore hamstring…ugh, swimming, and will see if biking will work tomorrow?? Thanks for following me, looking forward to watching you reach your goal!!


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