Patriot’s Day

116th Boston Marathon. 40th Anniversary of women being allowed to run Boston. Now Half the Entries are women. Loving this, Thankful for this, Motivated by this. Keep getting after it ladies! Thank you Katherine Switzer and all the other brave females! Have a Great Race Friends!


4 thoughts on “Patriot’s Day

  1. She is a hero!… cannot imagine being grabbed like that and, the courage it took for her to go out there and cross the finish line… the look on the faces of the men around her is interesting (they are shocked while she remains calm) Katherine Switzer is a legend… also cannot imagine running 26.2 in non sweat wicking cotton sweat pants.. sorry, hopefully I made you laugh and did not offend..I couldn’t resist.


    • Ha Ha Ha. I am NOT easily offended. I can’t run in sweatpants either! I can’t even stand wearing sleeves on long runs (weird of me).

      She is one of my many heroes. I hope I would have had her guts but I’m not sure. The anger she incited is incomprehensible to me. I can’t imagine.


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