Drowning & Ambassadors

  Guess what I’ve been doing since the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler? Here’s a hint:


NOT RUNNING. My lonely treadmill looks sad folded up in the corner. Ignore the nerf gun on the windowsill. That belongs to my son who forgot to put it away is so when intruders break in I don’t have to interrupt my run. What I have been doing is this:


Resting & wearing a Calf Sleeve. I’ve been resting my leg 100% since the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler. It’s been 10 days this evening so I joined injured friends for pool running. First I had to buy the proper gear. Running Etc. helped out with this number. See the lady on the box? I’m fairly certain she is a sub-elite marathon runner on the comeback trail after a vicious calf tear. We were made for each other.


Aqua Jogging was surprisingly fun. We made it an hour which normally an hour would give me 8 miles on the roads. I do not think the pool running was equivalent but it was better than nothing. I didn’t drown. It’s a start. It’s a rehab start.

The Norfolk & Virginia Beach based running store that has been so supportive of myself and my goals is starting a brand new Ambassador Team Program. I am not part of this program but I think the idea is a great one and love what it stands for. Virginia Beach/Norfolk is an extremely fitness-oriented, running-loving community. I’m thankful to live here and train with those types of athletes who love to support one another and are passionate about our sport. Here is the link to the application and I encourage you to apply: Ambassador Team

Have you ever been pool running/aqua jogging?

Did you do workouts or just “run” for time?

Happy Training Everyone and Thanks for the kind follows!


12 thoughts on “Drowning & Ambassadors

  1. I hope your calf is feeling better. You crack me up about the lady on the box.. bawhaha! I wish I lived in VABeach would love to apply to your program sounds awesome.


  2. I’m so glad you posted this (well, not glad that you’ve had a nagging injury)! I need to go try out aqua jogging and you’e given me motivation. I’m gonna try it out tomorrow.

    Oh, and I keep saying every year I need to run the Cherry 10miler but then just don’t register in time!


    • Just make sure to pull the floaty straps tighter than you think it should be. I was warned, ignored the warnings, and spent half the swim adjusting. Cherry Blossom was great. Fun course, well organized, and inexpensive. I will run it again next year so let me know if you do too.


  3. I’m certainly going to apply to the Running Ect. ambassador program.

    I only like water jogging if it’s with friends. I think it gets pretty boring the rest of the time but I’m glad you get to move again! I know it must be hard! How is your calf doing by the way?


    • Glad you are applying Hollie! Can’t wait for you to move back so we can run together and hopefully NOT aqua jog together. My calf does not hurt to walk like it did before so it’s getting there.


  4. I did some aqua jogging a few summers back when I had a stress fracture on my left foot. It was not pleasant, and I know I looked like a fool flailing around in the pool. I’m just not made for pool running. Or maybe I’m doing it wrong. 😉


    • I would never have been able to do it correctly if I did not have experienced friends there to help me. I had a difficult time keeping my core strong any my back upright. It is a good workout!


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