Good Luck Boston Runners!

Sending an extra Good Luck to all those Boston Bound racers! I have 10+ friends racing this year and I know they are all READY. Let’s hope the weather cooperates for them.

Patriot’s Day is unforgettable. The energy, the build up, the memories….make me want to go run 26.2 miles. I won’t be at Boston this year but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the stars aline for a trip back next Spring. I was lucky enough to make the trip in 2010 and it is still one of my favorite race memories. It was the first time I ran under 3 hours!!

Athletes Village is one of the best parts of the Boston experience. Bring something to sit on and MAKE FRIENDS. That’s how I met my amazing group of runners who I still race with two years later. Even during the race I was lucky enough to have two handsome nice French Canadians offer to pace me to sub 3 hours. I was like “Thank you Canada!” Runners really are the friendliest people and it seems like we are all running the same big races so believe me when I say you will run again together.

I brought my lucky charms with me, two of my sisters. They are the best kid of cheerleaders…the kind that decorate your hotel room with Oreos and Reeces Peanut Butter Cups. Now they are both running races…love that. Here we are after the race. I look like death run over twice but I don’t care. The last 4 miles I was repeating again & again “I decide my destiny!” In my mind I said that 1000 times. I had heard it on The Amazing Race….so incredibly profound, I know. My mental game was ON and I was going to run 2:59 or pass out trying. There will be runners faltering to your left and right….bring that COLD EXECUTION as Shalane would say.

Every marathon is a 26.2 mile relationship. Are you going to leave heartbroken, feeling apathetic, or on a huge ear-to-ear grinning blissful runners high? Do not let Heartbreak Hill take away that high you’ve fought so hard for. Good Luck Boston friends!!


6 thoughts on “Good Luck Boston Runners!

  1. Good Luck out there.. so awesome that you have your sisters with you.. I have two of them as well… they are good luck charms! I Love the analogy that the marathon is a’re a super stud! Looking forward to hearing all about it! xo


    • Good Luch charms is right 🙂 Sisters are the best. I actually feel terribly guilty that my daughter won’t have a sister. She has two brothers that adore her though and great cousins too. Hope your training is going well!


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