D.C. Bound & Things I’m Loving.

Meeting friends at our Nation’s Capital this weekend for this little event:

Polar Bear Plunge

This is a running blog right? Sadly my injury has left me with not much running to discuss. No splits, average paces, or weekly tallies to count like I had hoped for. It’s breaking my heart. Being who I am though I always have something to talk about so before I go to D.C. I wanted to leave you with some of my running related product loves. I have always LOVED reading favorite running products on other blogs, finally my turn 😀

Polar Bear Plunge

I won a pair of Smartwool socks in a trail race in Kitsap County, WA. I thought “Good thing I won these because I’d never spend so much on one pair of socks.” Then I wore them. These babies keep your feet dry, comfy, and blister free. These are the socks I love to race in. The price is slightly jaw dropping but I’ve learned they are worth it.

Polar Bear Plunge

Nike Pacer Skirt: I was in my favorite running store trying to only get nutritional stuff. Then this caught my eye and I got it because it is so cute in person.Will I wear this for running? I highly doubt it but post race and errand running for sure. So I scoff at $14.95 socks I actually need but bought this because it was cute……judge away.

Polar Bear Plunge

Toms Shoes: Flip flops are AWFUL for your feet! These babies are like wearing the minimalist shoes that are supposedly healthy except do not come with a side of strange looks from strange people. I’ll also tell you the best secret about Toms: Buy the kids shoes. They are cheaper and NONE of your friends will have them. These heart shapes ones were perfect for my little doll & I. Plus they squish well into an over packed race bag.

Eat.Think.Smile products have been popping up at many of the local races here in Virginia Beach. I became hooked on their Dark Cherry Bars and the very kind company sent a small box of their products to review. My kids dug into it all, proclaimed them as “yumtastic” and they are the pickiest of the picky. They are cocoa & oat filled all-natural, healthy goodness. My new favorite snack! For now I am trying to refrain from eating the rest so I can bring the box to share with friends in D.C. this weekend.

Are you racing this weekend? Which race? What distance? Run smart & Have fun!! Happy training to those not racing!


5 thoughts on “D.C. Bound & Things I’m Loving.

  1. I was actually going to say-I hoarded those bars at the Hair of the Dog 5k on New Years at Trashmore. They are so good! I wanted to race a half this weekend down in Ithaca, NY but it doesn’t look like my car will be ready and thus I won’t be able too. It happens.

    I really hope your shins heal up. You continue to inspire me Kris and I know you will achieve your goals!


  2. I have been stalking the toms website and can’t decide on a pattern! Unfortunately for me, I have gigantic feet and can’t pull off the kids sizes, but, my kids can still fit in the toddler sizes, so that saves me a couple bucks! I love running skirts- obsessed with lululemons skirts, can’t get enough. Sadly I am nursing shin splints too, so no running. It’s sad. I’m heading out to get one of those massage sticks now, hoping it can work some magic!!
    Have a great weekend in DC:)


  3. My new favorite word is yumtastic 🙂 I absolutely love Smart Wool socks! I must say that you would look adorable kicking around town in a running skirt. Can’t wait to see you in DC!!


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