Do you know Strong?

Monday some friends and I attended Jonathan Harris’s Core Strength for Runners class at Running Etc. I thought I was strong. Apparently I don’t know strong because I feel like I ran a marathon yesterday. The “I can’t walk without wincing!” feeling. I was too busy trying to salvage my tail during the workout to take pics (and let’s be honest I would have felt like a tool saying “Hey, Can I take pics of everyone for my blog!?!?” while we are all sweating. So I had my family who already know I’m a tool take some later. The workout was AWESOME. I learned so many new exercises and will absolutely be applying these new skills at home plus making a few more classes. It was much harder than I thought but laughing with friends made the tough times fly by. I’m not telling you all the exercises we did because then Jonathan will send me a warranted message like “Hey you gave away my whole class!”. Go take it yourselves.

Here I am trying to act like I am pain-free:


Now the TRUTH:

For those of you about to email me about my sweet, high-fashion, wife beater tank top…..$7 at Target.

Hope you are all having fun getting your strong on!!


4 thoughts on “Do you know Strong?

  1. Sounds like a painful but AWESOME class Kris! One thing I need to get better on is my cross & strength training. I’ve fallen off the wagon over the last 10-12 months. Hope you can walk normal again soon. 🙂


  2. I love that kind of pain. I’ve been doing mad abs march and the planks are starting to get to me. It’s mostly my wrists that hurt when I do them and pushups.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!


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