“I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it.” ― Mae West

First the bad news, then the good news. Bad news is I took a week off to get the calf under control for the Shamrock Half Marathon. The calf was not under control for the Shamrock Half Marathon. I had a great time warming up with my friends but Courtney said during the warm up “I can see you compensating already.” I knew she was right and tried anyway. At mile four I could feel the tugging and then the pain started to really hit. I chugged along at a “safe” pace to finish in 1:28 which is not even in the ball park of the goal I had set out for myself in January.

That was not so fun.

I’ve been a cross training fool and the only thing I have yet to try for this calf is complete rest. So complete rest it will get for a minimum of two weeks then I’l get back to cross training/running. Do I like this? NOT ONE BIT. Do I know I have to get 100% healthy if I want to dip under 2:49 at Twin Cities this fall? Yes Ma’am. Yes Sir. I’m also figuring things out with my health insurance to make referrals easier. This should be completed within the week.


My friend Steve Speirs tweeted me some cool information two days ago. Turns out I made the Ultra Running Magazine Fastest 50K Womens List. I was very surprised to see my name as #20. My friend Anne Spillane is on the list at the #15 spot. We have plans to train together to bump ourselves up to the Top 10 spot next year but I know the competition is getting fiercer and fiercer but of course that’s what makes it so fun.



6 thoughts on ““I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it.” ― Mae West

  1. I know you don’t want to do it but there is much wisdom in your resting your leg. It will payoff 100% as you push towards your future goal times. Congrats on making the list!! You speed racer!! 🙂


  2. A 1:28 is still awesome! But I think you are really start to give yourself the rest- otherwise you’ll just stay in this vicious cycle.

    Thats so cool about being number 20 too! Congrats!


  3. 2-weeks off will do nothing but HELP you! it might not seem like it now, but 2-months from now you will be so glad you listened to your body! 🙂 I promise!
    you are a rockstar and you will be under 2:49 in the fall!


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