Running Randoms I Love:

Random links I love. The first is for the ladies, second is an oldie but adorable as can be, third is about my amazing friend Ariana whom I became friends with years back and ran “with” at Boston & Chicago (with meaning we started in the same corral and she finished WAY in front of me ), and the fourth is an article on running form I appreciate.

DIY Running Shirt Refashion

My Run is my Drug Video

Ariana Hilborn Joins Hansons

Running Times, Muddy Form

Lastly I love this picture because Chanthana, some other speedy friends, and I will be reunited at the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler in less than 3 weeks! We’ll be poppin bottles…..of Gatorade. She & I before Chicago 2011.

Running Heaven


4 thoughts on “Running Randoms I Love:

  1. Nice!! Ariana’s article gave me the kick in the pants I needed to get out of this post-Gasparilla funk & start looking ahead to my first ever full-on marathon training schedule kicking off March 19th!! 🙂


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