Girls, Girls, Girls.

Last Week- 58 total running miles, 115 total miles biking.

Saturday two friends and I decided to run in the Mettle Events 15K We woke up to a cold downpour but were determined to get a good workout in. It was held at the Dismal Swamp Canal Trail in Chesapeake, Virginia which is a 30 minute hike for Renee and I so we car pooled and had fun on the way. We met Courtney there and the rain was so bad that none of us wanted to get out of our cars. It was so blustery that our normal warm up was cut short to 2 miles. I knew my calf was not happy at the starting line but was hoping it would loosen up after a few miles like it often does (never happened). The race director went over some safety rules concerning lightening, noted to us that only the top 3 runners overall were given trophies then we were off! It was a simple out and back course and at the turn around Renee had a big lead over Courtney, another guy, and I. I knew Courtney would finish strong as always so when we hit that turn around an idea popped into my head “How crazy would it be if we came in 1, 2, 3?!” “How often are the top 3 finishers in a race girls?” So I told my little peg leg to pick it up. I crossed the finish line in 3rd overall with a smile on my face. With a frustrating training cycle it was just the pick me up I needed and I am very grateful to have these two girls to train & race with. The three of us now have these cool trophies to remind us of that morning:

Top 3

2 thoughts on “Girls, Girls, Girls.

  1. Congrats!!! Going 1-2-3 was a nice reward for weathering the elements. Hoping that peg leg gets better for you really soon. Run Happy!! 🙂


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