A Fractured Update

It’s been awhile everyone. My running blog has taken a back seat because, well, there’s been no running to speak of. When I left you last we were almost sure I had a fracture but not positive. A few days later it was confirmed that I did indeed have a stress fracture in my sacrum.

The first two weeks were brutal. Mentally I didn’t allow myself to get upset or feel sorry for myself about the situation, wanting to roll with the punches and toughen myself up. Physically though, I was in bad pain. Did you know that crutches get annoying after the first hour?! Even still they were crucial to my recovery. Without them I could feel jolting pain in my lower right back constantly. Then just when I thought it would never get better, it got better. That was the first step. I started walking pain-free again and ditched the crutches. Now I have zero pain at all.


Biking Sweat-Fest

Cross training began last week and I quickly decided against aqua-jogging and replaced those hours with all indoor bike sessions (and strength sessions). Some people swear by the pool running, but I can’t get my heart rate up and never felt as though I was getting a good workout in. Instead I felt like I was waving my limbs around for two hours in a lazy river. Relaxing? Sure. Workout? Not so much. On the indoor bike though, I get a great workout in and my heart rate is through the roof on “hard” days.

Earlier this week I went back to the same imaging center where I had my fracture scan to have my bone density checked. Honestly I would have been shocked if the results came back negative, but I was very nervous! I’ve always made it a point to eat the healthy stuff (along with my occasional junk) and I’ve never experienced any level of disordered eating or amenorrhea that might be a sign of weak bones, but sometimes that stuff means nothing at all. Luckily after scanning the results the nurse said “Your bone density is ALMOST perfect!” First time I’ve ever had anyone describe anything relating to me as almost perfect, so I’ll take it. I had told myself that if my bone density was bad I would give up Diet Coke forever. I, like the famous Hungry Runner Girl, LOVE Diet Coke. I don’t buy it to keep in the house but I always order when we are out, probably 3-4 times a month. Some girls get expensive lattes as a pick me up, I get WaWa 99 cent fountain soda. I’m classy like that. So basically when I got my results back I breathed a huge oh-thank-you-coca-cola-i-dont-have-to-give-you-up sigh of relief.

What’s up next for me? The Mr. gets home next week. I’ve seen him less than 10 days in all of 2014! We’ve planned a special mini-vacation with friends in South Beach. That will be my last Sacrum-Break-Run-Break before I can officially start training again. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t afraid to start back up. I’m terrified that I’ll still ache. Running is a part of who I am, I love the run, and I miss it. I’m dying to get back to work. I feel like I have so much more to give. So keep your fingers crossed for me. I’ll try to update more often.

As for now I’ve been loving reading all your blogs and tweets about training. Wishing you all the best! For anyone who is interested, you can check out an interview I did with the wonderful Bedgear company HERE. I feel so grateful to have both Running, Etc. and Bedgear supporting me even when I am a little broken ;) (In case it’s confusing, the interview was done before I suffered the fracture) Have a great weekend all!

“But it ain’t how hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward.” -Rocky

This is a tough one to write. Two days ago I had a bone scan and despite the fact that I do not have a degree in medicine, one glance at the scanning screen and there was no denying that something was clearly wrong. The right area of my sacrum was lit up bright like the sun while every other area of my body was dark (healthy). The technician looked at me and I looked at her and I breathed out a pathetic “I know.” A few hours later my doctor confirmed what I already knew…no running for 6-8 weeks. A tough pill to swallow for a girl who loves her run. A tough pill to swallow for a girl who had big dreams for May. A tough flipping pill to swallow.

Currently I am using crutches to keep the pressure off my lower back (location of the sacrum) My injury is on the right side. Every step with my right foot sends pain out of my back so the crutches have helped tremendously and hopefully will speed up the recovery. When I get lazy about using them, I pay for it a few minutes later. Hopefully the crutches thing will be short-lived. Maybe two weeks? After that I’ll be walking and I want to keep my right leg strong. It would be a nightmare to heal my back only to have more imbalances in my legs but the doctor assured me that this fear was unlikely. Our next move is to get a CT scan so that we can figure out if the spot is fractured or an inflammation so I’ll update you all once we know that. I am no longer cross training at all. It was doing more harm than good. Hopefully that will be temporary as well.

Monday was the only day I allowed myself to have a pity party. Currently the Mr. is deployed and when you are a Mom, the Mom job never stops. I love being a Submariners wife and mom to three but with an injury it’s overwhelming. I love running. It’s a part of me and to take that peaceful outlet away is hard. The pity-party was short lived though. I am not a princess ( no offense to my princess readers ) and the whole woe-is-me thing is immature and irritating. I had an amazing 2013, where I PRed in every distance. I haven’t had an injury in two years. My husband and kids are healthy. My running support system (family, coach, sponsors, & friends) are fantastic. I am grateful for those things. I will heal up from this and get back to work. Anything worth having is worth fighting for. That’s all there is to it.

Thank you all SO much for your support. I’ve gotten the best messages over the last 10 days and have really felt the love. It’s great to have friends that care so much and it’s great to have friends who tease me about my “booty break” ;) and tell me to hurry up as I’m struggling with crutches, ha ha. Sometimes when life throws you punches, you can sulk for a quick minute, then you just have to smile while you fight hard to recover the situation. This girl is a fighter.

I really hope everyones training is going better than mine. I’m going to be vicariously living through all your runs the next 8 weeks!! Happy running!