Track, Socks, and Friendships.

Almost August? I’m not sure how July flew by so fast?! It’s been a fantastic summer and I’ve been trying to appreciate every day with my three little ones. Summer is my favorite season and while paces have to be adjusted to compensate for temperature & humidity, I will take running in 95 degrees over 12 degrees any day.  The majority of my workouts are completed before my kids wake up for the day and not going to lie, sometimes motivation needs to be found when that alarm clock rings at 4:40 am. Instagram has been perfect for that.  A friend and I always ask each other “Did you see so and so’s instagram? ” We discuss which elites have the best insta-game and we giggled over Emma Coburns shared video HERE using it to explain why we do ridiculous workouts at 5:00 am. (Instagram wouldn’t let me link, probably operator error)  How cute is that kid? Now when I’m feeling a little frazzled I think “Did you ever have a dream…you can do anything!” Enthusiasm is contagious so you have to share that stuff everywhere all the time.

Looking back at my last blog post, I realize I mentioned I would run the Tidewater Striders Summer Series.  That did not happen. While I love that series and the community involvement there, I ended up having an opportunity to run track at an ungodly hour early mornings on that same week day with a group that I knew would push me in the right ways. This option left me with more family time so the decision  to make this change was an easy one.  The below picture is a post workout photo. We get there when its dark and leave when the sky is beautiful.


Here is a quick run down of my last week. I’m still running watchless for many runs and plan to continue to do so for awhile. Also there is one form of strength work or another almost daily.

Monday- 8 miles and 8 by 15 second striders.

Tuesday- 6 by 800 (2:46 average) & 1 mile @ 5:38.

Wednesday- 6 miles and Swim.

Thursday- 3.7 mile trail tempo @ 6:13 pace. This distance is random because its done on trails by markers.

Friday- 8 miles

Saturday- 14 miles, last 5 stronger pace (this varies between 6:20-6:45 pace) I struggle with this run the most!

Sunday- Off Day (Still taking one day off a week and LOVE this. It’s new to me.)

This week was mile repeats and tomorrow I have a workout of 3 by 2 miles. Last time I did this workout okay (6:19 average) so I’m hoping to knock it out of the park this go round. Also, this weekend I get to run on the Philadelphia Marathon course for some race day prep with a friend. I can’t wait for that!

As you all know, I’m a bit injury prone so one of the rules my new coach has made me follow is that I must wear compression socks for almost every run. I balked at this so hard the first month and now I’ve learned it’s the pair that makes a difference. A small start up company, Tiux,  kindly sent me a pair of their compression socks to try out and I’ve been hooked ever since.  They are softer than my other brands, there is no huge, obnoxious name brand label, and they come in cute colors. I, of course, chose the colors I thought went best with my racing flats (Nike Streak from Running, Etc.) $35 for a pair of socks (not sleeves) and free shipping is a steal. I’ll be purchasing another pair or two.


One last thing.  This morning Tina Muir sent me a link to a Runners Connect podcast and I had the biggest smile listening to a great friend, Michele, speak about our friendship. I am very lucky to call both Tina and Michele good friends who I met at races and then we just stayed in touch and support each other. I adore that they mentioned female runners building each other up because surrounding myself with only positive influences has been a game changer for me.  They also mention running by feel (something I was NOT doing before both my injuries) and balancing family life which is an issue I always in the back of my mind. Click on the picture to be taken to the podcast. I subscribe to all the RunnersConnect podcasts and they are a favorite for me to listen to while I’m washing dishes, folding clothes, etc. It’s another motivational aspect I like to add to my week and I promise, super easy to listen to on your phone anywhere.



Thank you all for reading! Once the school year hits I will most likely get back to posting regularly but for the summer months, once a month is about all I can manage. Sitting at the computer for a 90 minute stretch isn’t an option when three kids are begging for attention. I am much better at doing little instagram posts so feel free to check me out there and ask questions. Have a great week all!