Pre- Boston Marathon Interview

Hey all! I was fortunate enough to be asked to complete a pre-Boston Marathon interview by Jon Leiding from the online “On The Run” blog from Wavy 10 News here in Virginia Beach. I’m a super shy person so it was hard for me to do, so you can see my nerves a bit, but it was very fun! Click HERE to go to the link.



Also, my Boston Marathon roommate NYCrunningmama will be taking over the Women’s Running Magazine Instagram account on Sunday, so check it out for fun pre-Boston photos!   Enjoy and good luck to all my Boston Marathoners!! Thank you to everyone for the love & support!  Xoxo!

Last update before Boston

The Boston Marathon is in less than two weeks.  Usually at this point in training I’m gearing down and moving into taper mode. That is not the case right now. I recently reviewed my training journal and in early January I had such high hopes for Boston.  I still have high hopes, just in a different way, one that doesn’t involve a time goal.  This is a bit hard for me to say because I have a nice little marathon PR streak going that is about to end, but I’ve received so many questions that it’s better just to get it out there. Boston will not be a PR race for me…not even close.  My coach and I have reviewed how far behind my calf strain set me and put together a race plan that will involve maximizing the experience, minimizing my injury risk, and setting me up for a potentially great Summer & Fall. It is what it is and I’m going to enjoy it even though it may not be exactly what I had envisioned when I dreamed about racing Boston with a capital F in front of my bib number.


I saw the above quote at a Seussical the Musical event and it stuck with me mostly because I get that value. I have never been the type to feel unappreciative of moments or events and I cherish memories. The Mr. always teases me because “You love everything!” or “Every day is your best day ever!” I admit it’s true. I honestly love life! I love experiences and I love memories. Life is too short not too. Half the reason I love the marathon so much is its so full of ups & downs and raw emotion. I’ve had enough bad days to fully appreciate the good ones. So while at Boston I won’t be setting some massive PR or qualifying for the Olympic Trials, but I will be making some memories and valuing them, because this is not something I can recreate, nor is this something I want to pass by. So basically, I’m flattered if you say you will track me, but please don’t or if you do, don’t worry if you see very weird paces ;) I’m following a plan. I have some great friends running there…too many to name that I can’t wait to cheer for and I’m also rooming with Michele, which I am really excited about. I think its funny that most Moms like to do spa weekends but she and I are running 26.2 miles instead.  There are a few exciting events I’ll be attending there too so I will share all of that with you.

Training has been going fantastic. (I just need the B.A.A. to postpone the Boston Marathon 8 weeks and I’d be all set!!) It took awhile but after cross-training and visiting an Active Release Specialist a few times, I can say that the calf pain has been entirely gone.  This week is spring break in Virginia Beach so I have a little workout partner who paces me on the bike. He tells me things mid-run that have me cramp up laughing like, “At school my friends and I say P.E. class stands for “Pointless Exercise Class” or “Let’s add an extra “E” to P.E. Get it? PEE!”   Ha! I love the spanish moss in this trail view but I love the bike pacer best-


Today the workout was 10 miles, with 2 by 2 miles “strong” thrown in there. All my paces are done on feel right now depending on day, sleep, etc.. Today “strong” felt like 6:24 pace so I averaged 6:50 for the entire run. Thursday I will have another day with some harder miles thrown in then I’ll finish the week off with a long run of 18 miles.  The biggest change in my workouts have been the strength portions, which I believe I’ve mentioned before. I’ve always done some strength but nothing monumental like the last two months. Of course monumental is relative but there are days where I see what I have to do in my assigned workouts and think “Surely he didn’t mean 5 sets!?!?”  He did.  Those sets are making a big difference in my hips though.

A physical therapist has told me that all of my injuries have sprouted from my hips. I gave birth to 3 babies in 17 months! Years later I’m still dealing with that. (totally worth it of course) so the billion extra lunges and assigned hip exercises are needed. I can tell a huge difference the next day when I take the time to do them. Below is a stretch I do all day, everyday. I don’t have a name for it. The ART specialist said “Do this.” so I do, and I notice a difference.  It opens up the hips and works on that important hip extension that tends to disappear with the “marathoners shuffle”. If I do not do this stretch than my right side is noticeably off. Also, lift your arms in the air and just rotate. You’ll feel it. I’m kicking myself for not starting this stretch 4 years ago. Forgive how confused I look. That looks comes standard with me.

The compression socks are new for me. They are not new in the running world but I’ve always avoided them. Am I the only one who thinks they are awful? I know they help though so I’m wearing them for every single workout and hoping I grow to love them.


After my workout today the Fed Ex man dropped off a box. Inside was an incredible gift for me and my kids- The new Boston Marathon Limited Edition Brooks Launch 2s.  They have a Lobster design and real wooden lace toggles to represent the Lobster fishermens nets of Boston.  I LOVE these shoes! They are available for purchase now. Thank you Brooks!! My kids are getting a big kick out of THE CLAW!

unnamedThank you all for reading and please let me know if you have any questions.  I am bib #F32 for Boston. Can’t wait to get my claws on that bib! (get it? Lobster claws?! I’m almost as funny as my 8 year old!) I most likely won’t post again before Patriots day but I’m pretty active on Instagram and Twitter.  Can’t wait to see some of you in Boston!  Also, wishing all the Cherry Blossom runners lots of fun and luck!