Goodbye May

I’ve been absent from blogging lately and for good reason.  January thru March were challenging months for me. Then April came along and the momentum changed and I have barely stopped smiling as the events just got better and better.  Last time I left you I was still floating on post Boston Marathon happiness.  I took the normal post marathon rest and then the new coach and I decided that with an even bigger & better event coming up that the timing was appropriate to make the rest period a substantial one.  While I was cross training and generally staying pretty fit, there was limited running going on and I do feel in the long game we made the best decision.  What was this big event?  Mr. Law came home from a 6 month deployment.  The Navy had a photographer on the pier and I’m so thankful for that although I took the last photo with my fancy iphone. It was a great absolutely amazing perfect day.


Waiting patiently on the pier!

11350465_10153316586196407_8816723043708682817_n10363381_10153301880401407_5934503589240060089_nAfter our happy family reunion, the Mr. and I took a much needed vacation to South Beach without the kiddos. It was our wedding anniversary weekend and we love Miami. While I didn’t take many photos to share, we had the most amazing time. I had packed clothes to run and in the end, the biggest workout I did was dancing until 4 am.  No regrets, well, I wish I had taken more photos so maybe I regret that part ;)


We always stay at the Delano hotel in South Beach. An oasis of peaceful fun in the middle of the oceanfront.

Back to the running portion of this website. I have a few tentative races scheduled and one big goal race.  The goal marathon is still so far away but its in my personality to plan long term. I love dreaming of the day and the idea of running a fast time seems less intimidating the more I discuss it and throw it out there for the world to read. Big goals seem less scary the more I share them. My goal race for the Fall with be the Philadelphia Marathon.  I’ve gotten some looks when I’ve told people this is where I plan to race. It may not be the fastest course. Some of the hills aren’t suitable for Virginia Beach, flatlanders, but I love that city. I know the course well and if I’m going to run a 2:43:00 anywhere, I want to experience that moment there.  The timing is late in the qualifying game, but a late November marathon gives me time to build up a summer of speed before marathon training begins.  It also leaves me training for a marathon when my kids are back in school.  That makes a huge difference in the quality of my recovery.  Before Philly I will run the Crawlin Crab Half Marathon and that will most likely be the only race I will taper for. Rock & Roll Virginia Beach will be on my list to race as well but there will not be a taper for that one.

    Tidewater Striders Summer Series – July weekly

    Strider Summer 10 Miler– August 2

    Rock & Roll Virginia Beach– Sept. 6

    Crawlin Crab Half Marathon– October 4

    Philadelphia Marathon– November 22

There will be more races thrown in there but that will be added as I go along.  Let me know if you are running any of these or any words of advice.  Now that I am out of my rest period and am slowly building up the work load, I will start sharing bits and pieces here and there.  Thank you all for reading and wishing you all a wonderful June!