T Minus 8 week recap

Hello to all my new readers! I was flattered and thrilled to see this article pop up on my news feed and was even more excited to see all the new friends it led to my site. Thanks and hope you enjoy my little section of the inter webs. In case you didn’t catch on, its about running…all running. You’ve been warned.

This past week was my biggest so far in the training cycle. Not my biggest mileage week ever, not even close, but the quality was there and that’s what we are going for.  A big concern of mine is getting to the starting line of my A race healthy. This past week was the 8 weeks left until the Philadelphia Marathon countdown. Here is how it all played out.

Monday- 3 mile warm up, 8 by 800 (2:43 average), 3 mile cool down.

Tuesday- 10 easy paced miles with striders.

Wednesday- 3 mile warm up, 3 miles hard (3 minutes rest), 2 miles hard (2 mins rest), 1 mile hard. Averaged 5:51 pace for all of the hard miles. 3 mile cool down.

Thursday- Stretch, 30 min. spin, LOTS OF REST.

Friday- 18 total with last 7 averaging 6:15 pace. We had crazy weather here this past weekend so I did the first 11 outside at a casual pace (around 7:30-7:40) then came inside when the rain started pouring. I put my marathon race day fuel (Gatorade Endurance lemon-lime) in the treadmill cup holder and focused on the pace. This was easily my best long run on the entire training cycle and was a huge confidence booster. I needed that. Are you all practicing with the fuel your race provides? If not, get started! Make sure your stomach can handle it while running fast.

Saturday- 6-7 watch-less easy miles with the J&A Racing training group. Rainy and windy so the starting restaurant had this sign waiting for us. Love that!


Sunday- 10 miles averaging 7:29 pace with a quick view of our favorite beach underwater pictured below. Usually we have a good 30 feet of sand there but high tide and flood water rains left the entire beach under water for days.



I wanted to leave you all with this video I saw and watched 5 times in a row. It gave me chills. Isn’t that what running is all about? All of us finding our own individual greatness?!? “We are all capable of it, all of us.”  Now I am off to run mile repeats. Happy training all and enjoy!! I will be racing the Crawlin Crab Half Marathon next Sunday, hope to see a few of you there!